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How Professional Photography Helps You Sell

Product sales must be supported through marketing. What exactly is sold can vary—your product can be a specific good, a type of service, or your brand as a whole—but your marketing efforts must support your product and drive sales. That includes your photography.

People are visual learners. Per CrowdRiff, 90 percent of information sent to the brain is visual, which means quality photography gives you quite an opportunity to make an impression. However, not all imagery is created equal. It may seem cheap and easy to take out your phone and snap a few shots of your products, but the difference in quality can make potential buyers second-guess the quality of your brand. Meanwhile, professional photographers can offer a variety of photoshoots to fit your needs:

  • Food and beverage photography

  • Product photography

  • Architecture and interior photography

  • Ecommerce photography

  • Advertising photography

  • Lifestyle photography

  • Portrait photography

  • Conceptual photography

No matter your shoot, it's important to consider just how professional photography gives your business an advantage over your competition. Here are three big ways that the right professional photography services can help you sell.

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It Shows Your Brand in the Best Light Possible

Your product is your brand and your brand is everything. You don't always know where consumers will find your brand, but you absolutely want to make sure that what they see makes a good impression.

Quality photographs have the power to make people aware of your product, prefer them, demand them, purchase them, and then recommend them to the people they know. However, photography works both ways. If someone sees a good photo somewhere, it can convey a positive message. In turn, bad, amateurish images can create an impression that your company isn't nearly as good as your competition.

People tend to buy products that look good. According to Hubspot, "67 percent of consumers say that the quality of a product image is 'very important' in selecting and purchasing a product."It's critical that your products and your brand looks good for your audience no matter where they see them. It doesn't matter if an image is in a brochure, out on a billboard, or on a Facebook feed, quality is key—especially if your competition is trying to wow the same consumers with their images. That means you may want to avoid taking pictures with an iPhone and turn to experts who know what they're doing.

Professional photography can give your brand the visual boost it needs to succeed. When you work with a professional, your images are going to be lit well, retouched, and made to look as attractive as possible so that your brand catches the eyes of your intended audience. It makes you look more professional and shows your product in the best light possible, whereas an iPhone photo of something on a desk is going to look like an iPhone photo of something on a desk.

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It Helps You Differentiate Yourself from the Competition

In the past, companies focused on undertaking big photo productions to get one or two notable shots and put them anywhere the eye could see. That game plan doesn't work these days. Technology has changed the way that people encounter brands. As a result, it's more important to invest in multiple images and spread them out across many different platforms and mediums so that your brand stands out wherever your audience goes.

The problem is that this process isn't an industry secret. Companies across the country turn to professional photographers in an effort to attract customers and sell their products. When people look at a million pictures a day, how do you get them to remember yours? If you work with the professionals, they may be able to use your imagery in a way that makes them stand out even more.

A good professional photography studio that offers other multimedia capabilities opens your business up to a lot of marketing possibilities. For example, the right partner can stitch professional photos together to create GIFs. Not only will the quality of your images show off the quality of your brand, your product will stand out because they're moving. Social media feeds are a natural fit for GIFs, but they're not the only one. Dell utilized a GIF-centric campaign to showcase a convertible laptop-tablet and enjoyed a 103 percent increase in conversion rate and 109 percent increase in revenue as compared to efforts with static photos.

Professional multimedia studios can utilize photography in many new and exciting ways, but the best part is that these additional capabilities won't necessarily break the bank. Once you've already paid for a base shoot, adding on additional features won't cost as much money as a separate project. A good multimedia partner can lay out your options so that you can maximize your savings and give your products new and exciting ways to appeal to your customers.

It Relates What You Sell to Your Customers

Your products should do more than just look great. They should also have a connection to your customers.

In this day and age, storytelling sells. Consumers want their purchasing decision to mean something. Product listings are great way to display specific goods, but they simply show your audience what it is you're selling. Your audience also wants to see how the product impacts their lives. As George Deeb writes in Forbes, "clients don't really care about you or your products...they care about themselves, and how you are going to help them to solve their problems."

Fortunately, pictures are worth a thousand words. That means a good image can tell quite a story. Lifestyle photography allows you to present situations that allow your audience to relate to what you sell.

If you make cleaning products, you can present how they can help keep a family's kitchen safe from harmful germs. If you sell shoes, you can show off what role this footwear would play in someone's life, whether they're sneakers meant for an active lifestyle or dress shoes to make a person look classy. Every product has a role to play. Good photography can showcase that role in a way that makes buyers think of your goods or services as more than just a product; they see them as an integral part of their everyday lives.

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Work with a Photography Studio That's More Than Just an Asset Provider

Good photography involves more than just shooting quality images. It takes both technical skill and strategy to create imagery that can drive purchases. That's why it's important to work with a professional photography company that knows how to make your products sell.

While some photographers will simply provide basic assets, TRG Multimedia has the experience, creativity, and out-of the-box thinking to capture the right photos for your business. We can guide you through the photography process and create solutions that result in high-quality imagery designed to drive consumers to buy your products and connect with your brand, no matter what you sell.

Ready to use imagery to drive business? Contact us today about your next photography project.

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