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The Importance of Sharing Your Budget

We live in an age where every marketing department is understaffed, underfunded, and generally overworked. We see it every day from our clients. It’s why TRG Multimedia forms the client partnerships we do – to be extensions of their teams so we can build systems and solutions that ensure maximum efficiencies. We assure our clients that we’re stretching their budgets and spending their dollars as effectively as possible. Mutual trust and respect are what make this possible, and with that trust comes transparency in project parameters. There are many project parameters, but the two most prominent that help to build the box in which we create solutions are budget and timeline. These two tell us what we can and can’t do effectively and efficiently by the launch date.

How does sharing a budget actually save clients time and money? It seems counter-intuitive, but it’s twofold. First and foremost, there is a lot of ambiguity with the creative direction we receive early in estimating. Again, due to the circumstances above, we understand why. Things move at a breakneck speed, and clients often have difficulty corralling all the details from the other stakeholders and parties involved. These process speed bumps lead to requests like this:

               We have a shoot coming up, and we’ll need six different rooms with 60 total deliverables. Can you provide an estimate?


               We need a 90-second product video with a couple of cut-downs.

So, what are the issues with these requests? Well, with each of them, hundreds of variables can push production costs one way or the other. Let’s dissect the first one as an example.

               We have a shoot coming up, and we’ll need six different rooms with 60 total deliverables. Can you provide an estimate?

  • Can you utilize or minimally modify existing sets, or will these need new builds?
  • Can some rooms be vignettes, or are these full rooms?
  • Are there any specific demographics or design features you’re targeting?
  • Are you open to co-op partners?
  • Will there be talent utilized in the set?
  • Are you looking to pick up video assets as well?
  • Are there brand-specific propping elements that need representation in the set?

Without understanding the full scope of a commercial video, CGI, or photography project, there can be several hundred-thousand-dollar swings in estimates based on project-specific production needs. Knowing the budget helps set the parameters to build solutions for projects.

The second benefit of knowing the budget is the time saved in the back-and-forth honing in project scope. When timelines look like this -

  • Week 1 – Design boards/Approval
  • Week 2 – 4 - Set build-out
  • Week 5 – Prep/Shoot
  • Week 6 - 8 - Post
  • Week 9 – Launch

Losing a week or two on scoping the project puts a crunch on all other aspects of production.

The next time you consider getting a proposal from a content partner, you’ll find that sharing the budget will save you money and time in the long run.

If you are ready to partner on a photography, CGI, or video project, TRG Multimedia will work with you to make the process as easy as possible. Contact us today about your next multimedia project.

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