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Like any project, deadlines matter. Knowing how long each step will take is critical to planning. Like home construction projects, set construction can sometimes take longer than expected due to outside factors like the availability of materials. The construction team at TRG is adept at finding solutions and alternatives to keep your project on schedule.

The timeline for your set will be dependent on quite a few factors starting with whether you will be adapting one of our existing semi-permanent sets or if you will be building a new, custom set. A custom set will take longer, requiring additional design and construction time.

As a rough guideline, you should plan on a set project using one of our semi-permanent sets to take between 8 to 12 weeks from the initial design process to the completion of the build. A custom build set will likely add a few more weeks to this process, so it’s best to plan on 12-14 weeks.

For a smaller project a general timeline could look like this:

Weeks 1 – 2: Design team creates the layout and finalizes the plan with client.

Weeks 3 – 5:  Materials ordered and awaiting arrival.

Weeks 6 – 8: Construction

Of course, factors such as material availability or shipping delays can always add unexpected delays, and the studio’s current projects can also impact the timeline. The TRG team is made of incredibly talented and efficient craftspeople and artists, but even they can only tackle a finite number of projects at once.

In a rush for a project? We still may have excellent options for you if a current, finished set in the studio is available and could suit your needs. TRG is here to help you find solutions so contact us and we can explore all of the options we have.

Do you need the right multimedia production company to bring your products or services to life through commercial photography or video services? Contact TRG today to talk to one of our experts about what you need for your next project.

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