Set Warehouse

If you need a custom or stock set for your multimedia project, you've come to the right place. TRG offers a variety of stock sets and custom set building services for use in your photos or videos.

Our set warehouse gives you a variety of options to suit any setting, including residential, industrial, commercial, and exterior environments that allow you to avoid unnecessary construction and location costs or deal with delays associated with outside factors like busy locations and weather.

Depending on your needs, we can provide you with one or multiple adaptable pre-made sets or develop an even more customized option to suit your specific needs. Each set can be outfitted with unlimited styling options to achieve a specific look and are outfitted with optional features, such as:

  • Flooring options

  • Multiple kitchen islands

  • Flexible staircases

  • Removable fireplaces

  • Showers, tubs, and sinks (with running water)

  • Architectural features

    • Beam styles

    • Trayed ceiling

    • Built-in casework

    • Float walls

    • Staircases

    • Fireplaces

Quality, Cost-Effective Room Sets for Any Multimedia Project

TRG's set warehouse can provide your business with cost-effective set solutions whether you require multiple locations or a single set. Our set warehouse is conveniently located in Cleveland, Ohio in close proximity to the highway and the airport, which makes the logistics of shipping product easier and more cost effective. In addition, our client base can also provide co-op savings on projects and room sets as well.

Ready to set the scene for your next multimedia project?