TRG Reality's 25 Necessities

At any place of business, there are certain necessities every employee needs in order to be an effective worker-bee, and that’s no different at TRG Reality. In no particular order, here are the 25 “necessities” we need in order to make it through our workweek.

1. Cookies

There is a steady stream of cookies that flows into the studio. When you’re in the mood for a cookie, just head to the cookie cabinet – yes, we have a cookie cabinet – take one out, and eat it right in your face.

2. Unlimited supply of coffee/espresso/toddies

As mentioned in our Lexi of All Trades blog, we have a constant supply of Erie Island Coffee on hand. We also have an espresso machine, and we’re big fans of making toddies in the summertime. We heart caffeine!

3. Assorted baked goods

At any given point on any given day, there will be some sort of bakery item or pastry on display in our kitchen. Pastries go hand-in-hand with coffee. It’s a proven scientific fact. 

4. Music

We listen to a lot of Spotify and satellite radio. Oftentimes, you can walk from room to room or shooting bay to shooting bay and hear a multitude of different stations playing. If you’re really lucky, you’ll catch Bruce in Digital belting out “Love Shack.”

5. Pets

On the average day, we have anywhere from 2-5 dogs scampering about. The names of these four-legged furry faces are Scrat, Daisy, Haggus, Jackson, and Stella. One day, an entire truck full of puppies visited the studio! Seriously, who doesn’t love puppies? 

6. Bike parking

Cleveland is a very bike-friendly city, and a handful of TRG employees ride their bikes to work. All of those bikes have to go somewhere, so we provide parking for our eco-friendly employees. 

7. Beer Friday

At the end of a long workweek, we like to cap things off with a cold one. We’ll usually get a growler…or two.

8. Candy drawer

We literally have an entire drawer filled with candy. If it hasn’t been made abundantly clear yet, we have a bit of a sweet tooth at TRG Reality. 

9. Beverages

We have a full kitchen at the studio, and our fridge is always stocked full with an assortment of pop, water, and iced tea. Hydration is important.

10. We have the best holiday parties!

We’re not kidding. For Halloween, we have a decoration contest between departments as well as a costume contest and a pumpkin carving contest. For Thanksgiving we made a “Turducken.” If you’re not familiar with this culinary delight, it’s when you put a duck inside of a chicken inside of a turkey, because one bird just isn’t enough. Pin the Tail on the Donkey and piñatas are also holiday party favorites at TRG.

11. The doors leading into the Digital Department

The doors are an absolute necessity. Digital can get pretty loud from time to time, and it behooves us to close them off when professionals, clients, and generally normal people are in the studio. You know those signs at the zoo that read, “Don’t feed the animals”? It’s sort of like that. If the doors are closed, don’t open them. 

12. Basketball

We have a basketball hoop outside behind the studio. We also have a basketball. Put ‘em together, and it’s competition time.

13. Darts!

Continuing the trend of competitive sports, we have a dartboard, and we play constantly. Throwing darts is a great tension reliever, even if we aren’t very good at it.

14. Couches

We have lots of comfortable couches and lounging areas around the studio for when anyone feels like taking a load off for a few moments.

15. Giant Hershey bars and jars of peanut butter

Take a five-pound Hershey bar and combine it with a six-pound jar of peanut butter, and you get one fabulously delicious week at TRG.

16. Nerf guns

Pretty much every employee in the studio has his or her own Nerf gun, and we are known to have spontaneous Nerf wars. Who wouldn’t relish pelting their fellow coworkers with tiny foam darts?

17. The TRG Reality Kitchen

As previously mentioned, we have a fully-functioning kitchen in the studio, and a lot of times employees will whip up delicious breakfast treats like pancakes and eggs, or other delectable snacks and meals.

18. Honey-Hut ice cream

We get it all of the time, and it’s really good.

19. Name your pet

Yes, we will name your pet! When Emily from Digital got a cat, we held a studio-wide contest to name him. We all wrote down name suggestions, and at the end of the day there was a drawing. Everyone wins in this situation.

20. Company outings

We are a close-knit group at TRG Reality, and part of that stems from our company outings, such as canoeing trips or attending Browns games. Huzzah, camaraderie! 

21. The Best-Doughnuts-in-Ohio Contest

Every week, someone else would bring in doughnuts from the local bakery they thought made the best. We would sample each – with open minds – and afterwards vote on the best. The hands-down winner and reigning champion is George’s.

22. Events on the big screen

During significant sporting events, such as the Olympics or the World Cup, we will project them onto a huge screen for all to watch throughout the day.

23. Additional time off

We all put in long hours during the regular workday, but sometimes we need to put in some extra long hours, and a lot of times we are given additional time off after we put in those extra long hours. Necessity? Perhaps not, but sure is nice.

24. Tag!

On any given “normal” day, we will play a running game of tag. Someone will start it, and the trick is to keep it going, but on the sly. At the end of the day, whoever didn’t get tagged wins! What do they win? Absolutely nothing!

25. Patty’s “Award Winning” Guacamole and Popcorn

Patty is our VP of Sales, and out of all of the necessities listed above, her homemade guacamole has to be number one. We literally cannot function without this green goodness in our lives. She also makes us homemade popcorn the “old-fashioned” way: corn, oil, pan, and cooktop. If we don’t get either of these delectable treats at least once a month, we threaten to strike.

Perhaps our list of necessities seems a bit excessive, but that’s only because it is. We may be a little spoiled at TRG Reality, but we realize and appreciate that very much. We love what we do, we love where we work…and we really love our cookie cabinet.