Fare Thee Well, Bridget!

TRG Reality is more than just a photography studio. We’re more than just co-workers. We’re more than just friends. So, when one of your more-than-just-a-coworker-and-friend leaves, it can be hard to say goodbye. Bridget Rehner has been with TRG for 2 years, but has recently decided to leave Cleveland and seek new adventures in Chicago. We are of course very sad to see her go, which is why we decided to pull everyone into the Digital office for one last farewell. Below are just some of the funny, poignant, and moving memories Bridget has created with the folks here at TRG.

Karen: Mandy, Bridget and I went out to lunch at our favorite place, Banana Blossom. We were discussing Mandy’s upcoming trip to Europe. I was checking my phone and also trying to listen to the conversation. Bridget said to Mandy “Can you Skype me when you’re at the Eiffel Tower?” But what I heard was “Will you Skype with me while you’re in the shower?” So, this whole thought process was going on in my head like “Are the showers that different over there. I know the toilets are different. They swirl in a different direction, right?” So, I had to ask her “Why would you want to Skype with her while she’s in the shower?” 

Then one time we went out and got really, really drunk, and her boyfriend [now fiancé] and my husband were like “That’s not cool.” The End. 

Emily: On April Fool’s Day last year, Bridget (the mastermind), Mandy, and Adam hatched a plan to prank call Digital. The first thing that happened was that they called Bruce, who’s wife was expecting, and told him that his wife was in labor, so he got up and left. Then they started piling on impossible amounts of work. Eventually they got frustrated because Anthony and David were keeping such cool heads about it and managing the workload. It turns out that Bruce actually went out to get a cup of coffee and was in on it. Eventually Bridget revealed it was prank, and David was livid. [And in true David fashion, he was over it in a day or two and up to his own tricks.] 

Derrick: Bridget and I were in college together. I think I’m one year older than her, but I don’t really remember. We both went to CIA (Cleveland Institute of Art). We both worked in the Admissions Office giving tours. It was awesome working with her, and this is indicative of her personality. She gave awesome tours from the beginning, and I gave terrible tours. I would say only two words. So, I would just let her stand there and do all of the talking. Then the job here opened, and I contacted her through Facebook. I don’t know if she was the reason I got hired, but I’ll say she was. I reached out to her to get the inside scoop about working here. I came in for a tour, and then I asked her what it was like working here, and she said it was great. It was the biggest lie ever.  

Emily, round 2: Right now I have many bells [she holds up a desk bell], but I used to only have one bell. We were ringing it more often than usual one day, and so she waited for me to leave the room, took it, and hid it. And the most maddening thing was that she told me that it was hidden in the [Digital] office! I never found it. I just ordered more and told her I found it.  

Note: At this point, Mandy walked into the room and wanted everyone to know she will be the one that misses Bridget the most. Emily then called second. Craig said he will miss her the most for “non-selfish” reasons.  

Adam: So we had to drive out to the Meyer’s Snow Plow on the far East side. We got slightly lost and ended up in East Cleveland. We drove past this restaurant that I didn’t even know existed. It was called Everything and Then Some. So, apparently Bridget had heard about this restaurant in the past, and she got SO excited, more so than any other human I’ve ever seen. Like, imagine a puppy that got treats. This was followed by her immediately noticing the sign that said it was closed for good or for business or something, and she became so depressed, just like that. I’ve never seen someone’s emotions change that much so quickly!

Another time, we went to an early breakfast in the middle of North Carolina to a waffle house. I’ve never seen a tiny girl eat a waffle house breakfast that was as big as the one she did.

Mandy: I’m going to miss her. She’s my second half! We just think alike, and we work well together. We’re like two well-oiled machines. We’re like a pulley wheel and pulley (Craig: I think that’s just a pulley.) We’re like Doritos and French Onion Dip! When I can’t deal with things here, she’s my voice of reason. I don’t know…I just don’t want her to go. But it’s good that she’s going (we all note this is said reluctantly). We just get things to roll; we get stuff done. We could rule the world! 

Also, please refer to Karen’s story above.  

Hannah: I was hanging out with Bridget, Julie, and Caroline after a catalog shoot at the Edgewater Live beach party and drinking out of wine glasses and seeing all the greatest that Cleveland has to offer....or that one time Bridget let me try on her shoes and I was like “Oh crap, they’re too big”…because she left some big shoes to fill, GET IT?  

Craig: So, there are these videos online that people make where they will build tiny little restaurants and have a chef prepare tiny little meals for a little hamster, and then they film the whole thing, and you watch the little hamster eat the little meal and it’s one of the cutest things you will ever see in your life. Every single time a new one of these videos comes out, Bridget or I will make a frantic phone call to the other and everything is immediately put on hold so we can watch it. One time, a new one of these videos came out on a Friday that Bridget was not here so we had to wait four days to watch it together. After she’s gone, I may never watch these videos again (said in an extremely melodramatic way with lots of pauses between words and staring off into the distance). 

Lexi: My favorite memory of Bridget is from the fall two years ago. Bridget, Emily, Jen, and I all went to a concert at the House of Blues and we went to Bridget’s apartment on East 4th before. She made us THE BEST MARGS of all time. I was 22 and [was] used to the big plastic jugs of margarita mix. She hand-squeezed lemons and limes and made simple syrup. I was in awe. We all brought something and had tacos and margaritas before the concert. It was such a fun night! 

I just realized this is about alcohol, but I hope it is still ok!

Martin: It’s only been a couple of years, but it seems as Bridget has been a part of our group forever. It’s rare to find a person who radiates the sense of trust and organization that she does. No matter the challenge or the deadline, Bridget always comes through, and makes it look nearly effortless. She uses her artistic skills to keep the project’s vision strong. 

After many years in the business, you judge a person by knowing that you can trust them 100%. Bridget’s level is 200%. Maybe more.

Bridget, you’ve made an incredible impact on us all – more so than you probably realize. You will be greatly missed, but don’t worry: we’ll come visit you in Chicago! But in all seriousness, we wish you nothing but the best on this new adventure in life.  


Everyone at TRG (but mostly Mandy…then Emily…then Craig)