TRG Reality Goes Retro with Big Chill

Big Chill is a Colorado company that had us use CGI to render their new line of stoves coming off the assembly line as we speak. Big Chill makes modern home appliances with a retro twist but their tricky retro colors were no match for our CMYk matching capabilities. The retro-themed appliance company didn’t have product to shoot, so we computer generated the images in an effort to help them go to market faster.

Here is a little more information on Big Chill. 

Big Chill Founded in Boulder, Colorado back in 2001…

Big Chill was founded by Orion Creamer and his uncle, Thom Vernon, Big Chill made a splash with its brightly colored fridges. Since then the Boulder, Colorado company has expanded its product offering. In addition to retro fridges, Big Chill also makes dishwashers, microwaves, stoves, hoods and wall ovens.

Later this year Big Chill will open a division in France. The European part of Big Chill meets a demand for vintage American appliances. It’s exciting that Big Chill is breaking into Europe with new designs, but the company had humble beginnings.

CGI Images for Big Chill by TRG Reality.