The Three Key Elements of a Video Shoot

A good video shoot requires more than just a single person handling a camera. Planning, adaptability, and structure are all critical components of a quality video project. Without one of the three, you can run into problems that can slow down, or even stop, the entire video production process. Here's how these key elements can turn a regular video shoot into a truly professional experience.

Video Pre-production

It's much easier for a plan to come together when you actually have a plan. 90 percent of the battle is fought in pre-production so that your video shoot is all ready for success.

Video pre-production planning allows videographers to organize everything they need for a shoot. There are several things that can help derail a video shoot, including not having the right equipment, sets, and even people. Completed video storyboards will also lead to an organized, efficient process. Video pre-production allows people to plan out and organize everything so that you're as prepared as possible for the big day and can get all the shots you need to complete a project.

Video Shoot Adaptability

Note that we said the pre-production helps you be "as ready as possible." No matter how much you map things out, there can always be some sort of variable that come into play.

Say you want a video set outdoors with a gorgeous blue sky. The day of the video shoot arrives and there's nothing but clouds in sight. Even if you plan everything out, you can't get Mother Nature to cooperate all the time. You have to be able to adapt to the situation, whether it's bad weather or a horde of people who wander into your shot.

Maintain Structure

There's a lot of work that needs to be done after filming is complete. An unorganized video shoot can lead to some big headaches during the editing process. A strong video shoot structure will help prevent plenty of unnecessary work and save your video editor's sanity.

Like pre-production, video production structure is all about planning and organization. This means that people working on the video shoot make sure that everything is slated. This means that the video editor has a detailed list of the best takes to go along with the storyboard so that he or she can get to work instead of sifting out shots that won't be used in the final product. Essentially, more structure means fewer headaches and less time before the video is ready.

Professional Video Production

Quality videos demand plenty of time and effort. At TRG, we combine professional video services with the planning, organization, and adaptability necessary to turn your video project into a completed product. TRG Reality is a Cleveland video production company that provides professional video services for clients around the globe, and we'd be happy to hear about your next video project. Contact us today to tell us about what you need for your business.