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Case Study: Faucet Efficiency

TRG Develops a Better CGI Process for Faucet Companies

If you need photo-realistic CGI images of faucets, TRG is the place to go. We've worked with several clients in need of imagery for their faucets in the past decade. Over time, we've been able to develop a unique CGI process for faucet projects that not only delivers quality results but also creates additional efficiencies that can provide a bevy of benefits for our clients.

Why Faucet Companies Tap TRG for CGI

Modern silver faucet

A Streamlined CGI Workflow

Thanks to our experience with faucet projects, we have a specific CGI product imagery workflow in place. This workflow consists of a systematic cycle that includes estimating, estimate approval, CAD collection, CAD conversions, scene setup, application of finishing textures, lighting, first look, revisions, final delivery.

Of course, we've found ways to eliminate wasted time and duplicate work that can bog down a faucet project. When we first started working on faucet projects, it wasn't uncommon that one of our CGI generalists would spend most of a day on a single image. Since then, we've cut CGI time in half.

One of the things we did to streamline the process is to finalize an initial file before delving in too deep. For example, if a client has a job where one faucet needs to come in six different colors and three angles, we focus on the first angle and first color. This way, you can review the CAD file and any faucet logo placement right away so that we can mirror those efforts on the other deliverables instead of spending extra time on the same changes.

After we get first CAD file approval, we move onto the other finishes and angles. We've also uncovered some ways to streamline this part of the process as well. We've worked on enough faucet projects that we have a good idea of what angles may be necessary. We have the scene set up ahead of time so that if clients want a similar position, we can efficiently place the approved CAD files and make any necessary modifications, saving time in the process. For the finishes, we have preset, approved textures so that we can match everything to one consistent guideline of finish standards.

Creating Efficiencies Through Experience

While our CGI process has built-in efficiencies, recurring clients can benefit from some additional advantages. After working with a client on various projects, we can use past finish standards to streamline the finish process. Typically, we would have to re-render new finishes, which takes time. If we've worked with the client before, we may be able to derive new finishes from existing renders, such as using a chrome finish to create a polished nickel finish. Every one of these opportunities helps further streamline the CGI process, which results in faster turnaround times.

These efficiencies can also stem from our knowledge of the industry. Because of our work, we’ve learned the products inside and out, which helps us identify potential issues and opportunities. For example, there are times where we’ll receive a shot list, and we’ll come back with a correction with shots that may be missing based on our familiarity with faucets. A typical example is an escutcheon. Many companies want images with and without the escutcheon, but there's a chance that they may forget to list both options. We'll check in with the client to see if that the case. If so, we just saved some time by correcting the shot list ahead of time. If not, it's better to know for sure.

Benefits of Multiple Service Capabilities

Another significant advantage of TRG is that we aren't just a one-trick pony. CGI services are only one aspect of what we do, which allows our CGI clients to benefit from our other multimedia offerings at a better price.

CGI offers several cost-effective benefits. For example, we can take any approved CAD files in our system and change it to any finish for cheaper than what someone would spend with standard photography. These existing files also allow clients to take advantage of our other services for a fraction of the price since we won't need to recreate the data in the first place. We can make these files and animate it for a commercial, create a cutaway for a brochure or educational material, or use it as the base of a technical illustration. Once it’s in our system, the possibilities of what we can do with it are endless.

Even if a client only sticks with CGI, our other service offerings add value. Since we’re also a photo studio, we have experience with lighting, and we know how to make a great image regardless of whether it’s CGI or photography. When you create CGI, you don't just plug a file in a program and hope it churns out something great. It's like you’re building a virtual photo shoot, where you still need to pick out what lights you want to use and move them around. Having photographers and CGI experts who understand lighting allows us to create more photo-realistic imagery for our clients.

Streamlining Jobs with Project Management

Excellent communication is a crucial part of any project. That's why we have dedicated project managers to keep track of any important details and help our faucet clients through the CGI process.

It's not always easy for businesses to keep track of every aspect of their CGI projects. In fact, it's not uncommon for one company to have multiple projects going on at the same time thanks to various brands and budgeting needs. Our project manager tracks all of these projects, monitoring their progress and providing regular status updates. If a client needs one project sooner than another, we can shuffle tasks around so that deadlines are met, something that won't happen at a typical CGI house. Project management also involves tracking billing details. We work with clients to establish a billing schedule so they can get their invoicing done in the appropriate month or quarter based on their needs.

Our project managers also work to find ways to help our faucet clients by consolidating job projects. Consolidation is significant for a pair of reasons. One, merging jobs can decrease the number of logistical issues and errors that can occur by having to keep track of two separate projects. Two, consolidation can save them a ton of money by limiting the number of setup costs that can add up over several different projects.

A CGI Partner for Faucet Companies

You don't need to be a plumber to know the ins-and-outs of faucets. Over the years, we've been able to become a true CGI partner with many faucet companies thanks to our efficient process and additional capabilities. Whether you need CGI for faucets and any other product or service, we can develop a streamlined CGI process that benefits your organization now and in the future.

Need creative solutions for your CGI projects? Contact TRG today about how we can help your business, no matter where you are.

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