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Five Ways Composite Imagery Can Bring Your Imagination to Life

Reality doesn't have to get in your way all of the time. When regular photography or CGI aren't good options, composite imagery services can help you get the best of both worlds. Here are five cool things that we can do through composite imagery.

Turn Anything into Food

Burger in a box

Have you ever needed to turn a sandwich carton into a burger bun? One client did, so we made it happen. Of course, compositing isn't just for bun boxes. Perhaps there's another combination of food item and everyday inanimate object that needs to fused together for your next project.

Make People Bleed Brown and Orange

Person bleeding orange black and white

Cleveland Browns fans say that they bleed brown and orange for their team. We made an image where one fan actually bled brown and orange for Medical Mutual. Thanks to composite imagery, this proud injury looked real and didn't come with any frightening medical side effects.

Damage a Roof with a Car

Red Honda crashed into roof

Car accidents happen every day. Car accidents involving a roof? Not so much. Thanks to composite imagery, we can make cars go to places they've rarely been to before, including the roof of some poor suburban home. Plus, no cars are actually hurt during the process, which is good because cars are expensive.

Parallel Park an Airplane

Airplane parked like a car on the street

Parking a plane on a busy street is an extremely difficult and an ill-advised task. Parallel parking that same plane, well, why not? You don't need to be Captain Sully Sullenberger to navigate this plane, you just need a crack squad of compositors and digital retouchers to make that plane safely arrive at its roadside destination.

Create a Man-Bear Hybrid

Children At The Zoo Looking At Bears

Unlike Dr. Moreau, you don't actually need to combine a man and a bear to create a man-bear. We used composite imagery to do a series of images for the Akron Zoo where attendants began to shift into the creatures they saw.

Getting Creative with Composite Imagery

Every compositing project starts with an idea. Don't be afraid to dream big with your projects. Our talented team can work with you to come up with ways to bring your projects to life. Whether that's making cars fly or boxes look delicious, we can find out a creative solution that fits your budget. Contact us today to make your composite imagery project become a reality.

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