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Mathematic Accuracy & Consistency in CGI

We like to think that we produce breathtaking photography, but there are limits to what can be done when the agenda is the replication and consistency of a single image. That’s where our expertise in CGI comes into play.

In website, catalog, and e-commerce photography, uniformity is key. When a manufacturer produces a product in multiple colors and textures, all of the images of that product must remain consistent. With traditional photography, we would need to take pictures of every available finish, and although the images would be very similar, they would require a great amount of detailed adjusting to ensure their uniformity. This would create a pixel-for-pixel match of the outline, but it would not be the same for the elements of the product within that outline. In a nutshell, the images could never be truly exact replicas of each other; however, CGI evens that playing field.

With CGI, the images are made to be completely and mathematically identical. We can render multiple finishes in the absolute exact same place in 3D space, which creates images that are pixel-by-pixel matches. Essentially, the white space remains the same and only the specific color/texture/finish of the product needs to be changed. And because we save our CGI lighting sets, we can render new finishes or updates to products years down the line to that same pixel-to-pixel match. 

Faucets of Different Colors

This technique is highly beneficial not only to the consumers who receive accurate and consistent imagery of the goods they are seeking to purchase, but also to our clients. For example, if a product comes in 10 different colors, we would need the manufacturer to send us all 10 colors of that product so we could photograph each one individually. Now let's say each of those product images takes one hour to retouch: with 10 images that comes to 10 hours of retouching. However, if we use CGI, we would need half the amount of time to retouch the first image. That work would then be seamlessly transferred to the nine remaining renders, saving our client on cost as well as time. 

Stand Mixers of Different Colors

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