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Six Pros of Using CGI for Your Business

Sometimes the real photograph just won’t work for your business’ marketing needs. That’s where Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) can help. Here are six ways that CGI services and TRG’s team can benefit your business.

1. No Prototype, No Problem

We get it; time’s not always on your side. It’s hard to take commercial photography of a prototype that hasn’t been created yet.

We can make a realistic image of your prototypes using your original design files, such as a CAD file. That way you can have the photographic-quality images you need before a physical prototype actually exists.

Door handle and lock broken down in pieces

2. Impossible to Photograph

When photography just isn’t an option, CGI can be your best friend. Some products are very difficult or even impossible to photograph due to size, location, or any other issues.

CGI can also help you with technical cutaways. Instead of having to cut an actual product in half to show how it works, we can digitally create that same image. Not only does this mean you won’t have to destroy a potentially expensive product or machine, you won’t have any metal or plastic shavings lying around.

Door handles of different colors

3. Lighting for Mass Quantities

Getting photos of mass quantities of similar or identical projects can lead to inconsistent lighting. Even if you shoot from the same angle, the lighting is never guaranteed to be exactly the same for product shoots due to a variety of factors. CGI services allow you to have the same lighting for every product, regardless of how many objects there are.

In addition to lighting, achieving consistent positioning can also be an issue. Just imagine having to potentially swap out hundreds of similar products. Odds are that you won't be able to match the proper position every time. With CGI, perfect positioning isn't a problem.

Happy holiday tire

4. Unattainable Environments

It can be tricky to get the right environment with a photo shoot. Sometimes space restrictions or lighting issues can arise when shooting in a difficult location. CGI can recreate difficult environments, giving you the look you need without the extra hassle. Need a beautiful summer day during a cold, Cleveland winter? You may have to wait a few months for a photo shoot, but CGI can bring you the blue skies without the wait.

Electric stand mixers of different colors

5. Re-Use and Re-Surface

One of the best perks of CGI is that you can reuse the resulting images for future projects. While you can reuse photographs, CGI lets you make small changes to existing images. This allows you to save money by re-purposing the images you’ve already paid for.

Want to change to a different color scheme for a kitchen layout? Need a shot of a room at nighttime instead of daytime? With CGI, that’s no problem at all. We can make small changes that can change the entire look of an image that was taken years ago. That's not something you can easily do with photography.

Silver faucet in wooden sink counter top

6. Reusing for Animation

Computer-generated imagery can be reused for more than just other CGI projects. These assets can also be re-purposed for future animation projects, giving you even more options down the road. That saves us from having to do extra work, which can lead to a significant cost savings for your project.

work with a premier multimedia studio for cgi services

When photography just won’t work, CGI can be just what your business needs. We work directly with our clients to determine the best CGI solution for their specific projects whether they need CGI animations, CGI Video or CGI still images.  Contact us online today about a CGI project or any other multimedia services that can benefit your business.

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