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The Five Steps for Multimedia Project Management Success

Multimedia projects are hard work. Even the most talented professionals can't just wing a project and expect great results. Clients deserve a proper plan and project structure. They pay good money for photography, videos, and every other multimedia service, so it's critical that their project in in good hands.

Every project needs to be properly managed. That's why TRG Multimedia commits to a series of steps to help us ensure that your projects are a success from beginning to end. With our five-step plan, our Cleveland multimedia studio can handle everything from local photography projects to video production for national clients. No matter the size and scope of a project, it all starts with these five steps.

1) Initiating a multimedia project

Every project needs to start somewhere. We work with clients to discuss three important elements for every project:

  1. Project vision

  2. Project budget

  3. Project timeline

In order to provide accurate estimates, we start to gather the information we need to provide options that fit these three criteria. This way we can set expectations while planning out a way to deliver the results you need.

2) Pre-production of Your project

You can't just jump right into a project and expect that you'll be ready. The pre-production step allows us to prepare for a project and lay the groundwork for production. Here's a list of some of the things we need to do in order to be ready:

  • Decide on shot purpose and style

  • Plan and prepare the set design

  • Hire talent and decide on wardrobe

  • Set a production timeline

  • Create a shot list

  • Determine final details for asset delivery

It sounds like a lot, but planning these things out ends up saving a lot of time and helps ensure that project shoots go as smoothly as possible.

3) Production of Your multimedia project

After plenty of planning and information gathering, it's time to make the proverbial magic happen. Of course, production is more than just taking shots or working on CGI. There's an element of adaptability that always comes into play, regardless of what the project is for. Our detailed set lists and plans give us the structure we need to capture footage, but our team has to be ready to expect the unexpected.

Things happen on shoot day. The lighting can change. The weather may not be in your favor. You may like how certain images turn out and want to change focus to those. These are all things that can alter the timeline. The key is to be adaptable to situations so that we can still provide tremendous results. When it comes to client requests, we try to maintain communication. That way there's an open dialogue about how changes can affect the scope of the project. Plus, extra preparation back in the past two steps make it a lot easier to adapt to changes.

4) Project Post-Production

There's always more work to do after shoot day. Once we have all of our assets, we have a specific step for post-production. This phase is critical for success and can take as much time or more than the production step, so it's critical that everyone know how much time may need to be invested in the process. Post-production is necessary to make sure that every asset is ready for the world to see and shouldn't be rushed. However, our team can provide temporary solutions if you need some results right away. The key is meeting both side's needs while giving the project the time it needs to succeed.

5) End of Project

Even at the end of a project, the project isn't over. Whether or not there were any changes throughout the project, we review finalized assets with the client to make sure that they're up to their standards. Since changes to the project and budget can happen, our team frequently communicates with you so that you are updated with the progress of the project. This way you know what to expect and won't be surprised by unforeseen changes or differences in the cost.

Multimedia Services No Matter Where You’re Located

Every project has its differences, but our five-step project management process helps us deliver tremendous results for our clients. If you're in need of any multimedia services, contact us today and let us know how we can bring your projects to life.

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