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TRG Multimedia Focuses on Service

On May 3, 2021, TRG Multimedia took a day off from shooting and working with clients for a company-wide staff meeting. As we have grown in both our physical space (now around 130,000 square feet) and the number of talented people we have on staff, it was a day for us to look at what we've accomplished and to focus on what we can improve.

Staff meeting

At TRG Multimedia, our focus has always been on service. We strive to ensure that our clients have world-class commercial photography, CGI & video content and guarantee that they receive world-class service.


While people often refer to us as a photography company, a video production company, or even a media company, we consider ourselves a service company. We provide solutions for our clients. We anticipate their needs. Our goal isn't to spend all of their budgets; it's to get the greatest quantity of compelling, high-quality content within their budget.


Whether our team is tasked with creating an e-commerce product shot, build a gorgeous set for a lifestyle photoshoot, produce an incredible CGI animation, capture an informative corporate video or almost anything else, TRG Multimedia is going to deliver incredible work and an outstanding client experience.


It's necessary from time to time to break from the daily chaos to recalibrate on the foundations of our initial success. In our case, it's service and process. Of course, the high quality of the content is of utmost importance. We hire amazingly talented people to execute that. As long as service is the primary focus of an efficient process for our talent to function within, everything falls into place.

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