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Who's Who on a Video Set - In a Nutshell

Easily understood information in small doses, so you can get the info you need and move on with your day.

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There can be a lot of people on a video set. If you need help determining who is who - and who is responsible for what - we came up with a simple list that may help. There may be far more or far less people depending on the size of your shoot, but this list is a great start.


Director: Oversees the entire shoot.
Assistant Director: Takes care of what the Director needs - ultimately the Director's right hand.
Production Manager: Coordinates and organizes everything for the shoot.

Cameras and Lighting

Director of Photography: In charge of camera and lighting crews.
Camera Operator: Operates the camera.
Grips: Cover all the logistics and equipment of the smaller aspects of a shoot.
Digital Media Manager: Organize and backup all footage.
Location Manager: Find locations, secure permits, and ensure it's suitable for the production.


Production Sound Mixer: Capture all of the audio for the shoot.
Sound Technician: Responsible for wiring and all hands-on work with sound equipment.

Appearance and Auxiliary

Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist: Responsible for Talent's hair and makeup to be camera-ready.
Wardrobe Stylist: Purchases appropriate wardrobe and style on set.
Art Director: In charge of all creative aspects - guides director on vision.
Set Designer/Stylist: Creates the look of the set.
Prop Master: Assists and makes sure Set Stylist has everything they need.
Craft Services: Responsible for snacks, drinks and meals.

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