How TRG Reality Entered Into the CGI World

TRG Reality has been specializing in CGI for over eight years. What separates us from the competition is that we have a nearly 30-year reputation of photographing and lighting some of the most difficult photography subjects from shiny metal and textured surfaces to glass.

We started our CGI adventure when a client needed product photographs for their packaging. The caveat? The product simply didn't exist. Instead of creating expensive (and time-consuming) plastic prototypes plated in chrome, brushed stainless steel and textured bronze metallic, and then photographing and retouching, we used their CAD files to produce product images. This allowed us to create 100% realistic photographic quality images in a fraction of the time. Instead of six months, it took less than 30 days from product approval to completed packaging art!

Our clients eventually wanted more; realistic modeling of parts, props and even entire room sets. Using CGI, we were able to create exactly what they needed, faster and more cost efficiently. Plus, clients' last minute design changes were easily replaced, saving time and money.

CGI also gives you the ability to animate your still photograph? We can easily, show exploded views or integrate them into actual video scenes.  Resources created by CGI can be repurposed in a variety of ways for print, web and trade show use.

Image of drill done with CGI work by TRG. 
CGI image of the inner workings of a door handle done by TRG Reality.  
CGI Image by TRG Reality