Walls of Awesomeness

TRG Reality is a highly professional photography and CG studio that specializes in some of the most stunningly beautiful photography and computer generated imagery you will ever see in your entire life. All of TRG's employees take their jobs very seriously and are incredibly professional...when they have to be. One thing we do best is balance our workload of producing fantastic artistry all while having a lot of fun, and nowhere in the studio is that more evident than in the Digital Department. As soon as you take one step through the wood and glass double doors, you are instantly transported to a wacky world of artistic expression. Your eyes may not know where to focus first as they scan the walls covered in zany weirdness, so here’s a guide to the 12 items displayed in Digital that deserve a little extra attention.

Image of photgraphy and CGI studio of TRG Reality.

1. The Points System

“Welcome to Retouching, where everything is fake and the points don’t matter,” reads a meme sign of Drew Carey next to a chart that contains a list of everyone’s names followed by a running tally of hash marks. Points can be earned an infinite number of ways, such as guess the song name, bring in a cake, say something that makes everyone laugh, etc. We play a million different little games that award points, and sometimes we even bet points in some kind of crazy wager. Honestly, we give points for anything and everything we feel like in that moment; there’s absolutely no rhyme or reason to it. We also have annual winners. In fact, Digital’s own Emily has won twice, and at two months into 2015, Bridget currently holds the lead.

2. George’s Doughnuts

Yup. For, like, the 100th time we are talking about George’s Doughnuts. Last year, TRG held a “Best Doughnuts in Ohio” contest, and to commemorate this momentous occasion, the top five doughnut shops are represented with George’s soaring in the number one spot.

3. Bruce’s drawings from Drawn and Quartered

Digital’s Bruce is a pretty fantastic artist, and to honor his amazing abilities, two of his perfect-score winners are hung on the walls. Drawn and Quartered is an art contest/show held in a different location each year in the Cleveland area. This year it will be held on May 15th at the Hedge Art Gallery. Come check it out!

 4. Judge Judy’s Face

“If we think someone is lying to us, we make them stare at Judge Judy’s face, and then they tell us the truth…usually.” And that pretty much sums up why there is a picture of Judge Judy’s face hanging on the wall. 

 5. Pictures of Slash

As in the guitarist, as in from Guns N’ Roses, as in hair-in-his-face-stove-pipe-hat-wearin’ SLASH! One day, Emily told Adam that she was going to slash all of his tires. At first he thought she was joking, but she seemed really serious. She continued to tell him all day that she was going to do it, making Adam understandably nervous. He kept asking himself “Is she actually going to do this?” and he was confused as to why she would warn him about it ahead of time. At the end of the day, as Adam cautiously approached his car, he immediately saw Emily’s handy work. Taped to each tire was a different picture of Slash, all of which now grace the hallowed walls of Digital, immortalized forever. If that doesn’t go down as one of the greatest pranks of all time, it would be a terrible shame.

6. Bread Guy

“Bread guy” is a picture of a guy on the beach. He is wearing what can only be described as a suit covered in slices of bread. What’s more, there are seagulls flying all around him, his arms spread wide, a smile plastered across his face. Truly, he is an inspiration to us all. That’s how you should live every day: just dress yourself in some bread and throw yourself at the seagulls. 

 7. Proper Goat Anatomy

There is nothing particularly outstanding about this picture. It’s a super cute baby goat, and all of the body parts are labeled in an adorable and anatomically incorrect fashion. The key to this silliness is to say each part out loud in the highest possible voice you can. Let the wackiness ensue! 

 8. Pants

The general concept is this: there are the “current pants,” which typically represent the general mood in Digital, and then there are the “forecast pants,” which anticipate – you guessed it – the future mood of Digital. Anthony is a true master when it comes to drawing the many pairs of pants that can (and are) “worn” by the department. For example, there are “Super Positive Pants,” “Brah Pants,” “Game of Thrones Pants,” “Timmy Pants” (named after Timmy, of course), and “Hungry Pants,” just to name a few. 

 9. It Only Takes a Minute

This sign was created in honor of David. One of his personal maxims is that it “Only takes a minute to clean up.” So, when you hear David say, “It only takes a minute,” this is a (not so) subtle hint to clean up your crap. If David isn’t around to say it, read the sign! 

10. Band Names

Anytime someone says something that could potentially be a sweet band name, Digital will yell at that person to put it on the band names list. Here are some of our favorites: Mel Gibson Face Accident, Rude Judas, Hotdog Salad, and Fruit Group. The list goes on and on, and it’s hilarious.

11. 100 Exclamations!

A couple of years ago, every time a client wrote an email including an exclamation, we would take it from the email and draw it on the wall. Once we hit 100, we went to Crop for dinner to celebrate this arbitrary achievement!

12. Bon Jovi

Kathryn, who is no longer with us (not dead), willed this classic rock God to Emily when she left TRG. He used to hang out in Kathryn’s office, but now he lives in Digital…and he’s Emily’s…and she’s very possessive of him. Very. 

There are certainly a lot more than 12 items to look at in Digital – heck, the five people that work in there are something to behold themselves – but let this little road map be a start. Besides, if you try to look at all of it at once, your brain will literally explode. So, next time you’re in the studio, make sure to stop by the Digital department and soak up some of that eccentric loveliness. And be sure to really stretch those vocal chords when reading the goat anatomy out loud – you won’t regret it.