Getting to Know You

TRG Reality employs a host of people, from professional photographers to CG experts, to project managers and marketing specialists, to finance managers and retouchers. But that’s merely what everyone does for his or her careers. We wanted to know what everyone does outside of the studio in his or her free time, and once we started asking around, we quickly realized that we employ a group of truly interesting and unique people. Here’s what we learned about the TRG staff. 

Chris B. can climb a rope without using his legs, and LeBron James watched him play basketball once. 

Anthony creates cards games similar in style to Magic the Gathering. 

Donnie was one of the “Top 100 Up and Coming Artists in America” when he was in high school, and he still paints today using acrylics.

Adam enjoys watching 1950s and 1960s Samurai movies with subtitles, and was once a Vidal Sassoon hair model, and believes he was the Underground Darts Champion of Kent State University back in 1998. The jury is still out on that last one.

Chris J. spends his weekends out on his black walnut tree farm.

Marty likes to build custom-made fishing rods.

Karen is fluent in sign language, and was the president of her Sign Language Club in college.

John is the Manager of/player on a baseball team, and (completely unrelated) has a Santa Claus tattoo.

Lexi writes short stories and moonlights as a wedding photographer.

Rob L. spends lots of times outdoors playing Frisbee golf and mountain biking.

Mike not only plays competitive pinball, he competes in the Pinball World Championship every year. Additionally, he is training to be an international fencer.

Craig loves going for walks with his family, reading books with his 6-year-old daughter, and playing Lego video games with his 3-year-old son. Also, he played baseball his entire life, playing 3 baseball games at Progressive Field. (He also wants me to write that he went 2 for 4, with 2 RBIs and a double, and that he hit a one-hopper into the dead-center field wall. He wants everyone to know that this is very impressive, but we’re not that impressed. Sorry, Craig.)

David M. recently started gardening, and is preparing to raise his own chickens.

Emily lives in a house where a double murder happened (she would like me to emphasize that she did not commit the murders), and assists the elderly at a local church, helping them to count their collection money.

Derrick used to be in a metal band that traveled the world, and he is currently the Posters Chair for SIGGRAPH.

Doug is a voracious reader, and he also enjoys shooting sports (hunting, clay pigeons, targets, etc.).

Justin and his best friend enjoy sampling cheese and sparkling wines, working out, and playing video games.

Bobby and his best friend enjoy sampling cheese and sparkling wine, working out, and playing video games.

Mandy ran a marathon in 4:21, and has more friends than everyone at TRG put together. (No seriously, she knows everyone - according to Adam.)

Jeremy races high-speed go-karts, plays hockey, and enjoys riding bikes.

Rob likes to kayak in the summer, and he is currently building a fully green cottage.

Martin rides motorcycles, and he also started Erie Island Coffee Co.

Jen (me) writes under the pseudonym “Juniper” for popular running blog Salty Running, and competes in triathlons and 5Ks.

Bruce gardens regularly and rides his bike to work. He also likes to draw, and he participates with many life-drawing groups around Cleveland. He also makes the best ice cream ever! 

David H. goes to Teresa’s pizza every Wednesday, gets a small cheese pizza and 6 extra crispy, well-done hot wings, and eats them while watching Survivor. He never has to leave his name - they know who it is when he calls.

Tim is a Dub DJ, loves motorcycles, and is a college professor who teaches commercial photography.

Thomas likes to ride his bike, is interested in woodworking and building furniture, takes pictures (yup - the photographer takes pictures), and spends most of his time being a Dad.

Hannah is a certified SCUBA diver, enjoys shooting sports of all kinds (targets, clay pigeons, etc.), grew up with military vehicles, and loves movies.

Patty likes to gamble, and she makes the best guacamole in the world.

As you can clearly see, the employees at TRG bring a lot more to the table than what you may expect. We like to think that these special hobbies, talents, and experiences create a well-rounded and diverse staff; a staff that uses those hobbies, talents, and experiences to help create the remarkable work we produce for our clients.