Why Digital Media Makes Sense for Businesses

You want people to pay attention to your messages, but there's a lot of noise on social media. You're not just competing with other businesses and organizations on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms - you're fighting against everyday users. It's time to stand out from the social media crowd with digital media. Different types of digital media include:

  • Time Lapse
  • Cinemagraph
  • Animated GIF
  • Freeze Time
  • 360
  • Stop Motion

Digital Media can give you an edge when it comes to getting people to notice your marketing efforts. Here's why digital media can be the right choice for your social media platforms.

Digital Media is the Middle Ground Between Photography and Video

Beautiful photography is great, but sometimes you need something more to attract the short attention span of someone scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. Digital Media adds an element of motion to a static image without having the same level of work and commitment as a full video. This way businesses can attract attention on social media without quite as large of a budget.

Digital Media is Great for Engagement

Visual components are much more attractive to your customers than boring old text updates. In fact, visual content gets nearly double the total views of content without any images or videos attached. That's why businesses across the country are hitting social media news feeds hard with photos to go with their posts. However, a news feed full of photos can make it hard for individual content to stick out.

That's where digital media services come in and help. Multimedia components like animated GIFs or cinemagraphs add a moving element to your posts that can draw in potential customers and get them to remember your message long after they scroll away. If they really like it, they might even be nice enough to share it with all their friends.

Digital Media is Available With an Existing Shoot

If you're interested in digital media, it can be valuable to add it in to a current campaign. Digital media services can be combined with other multimedia campaigns so that you don't have to book another shoot just for digital media. This way you can add value by fitting both of your print and social imagery campaigns into a one-day shoot. For example, if we are shooting a product for a print piece, we could also shoot some movement layers and provide you with a great shot for your print piece and a great GIF for your social campaign all at the same time, which saves you time and money.

Digital Media is Big Right Now

Consumers love digital media. Fun, intriguing visuals attract people's attention. It's part of why reputable news sites like Forbes and The New York Times wrote stories about how Facebook finally allowed users and business to post GIFs on their news feeds.

With Digital Media, you can give the people what they want. The bonus is that you can also tailor these time lapse videos, animated GIFs, or any other type of media to your particular message. We can help you turn your concepts and ideas into fleshed-out multimedia projects that can engage users and attract attention. Contact us today to talk to our team about creating digital media for social media.