Things Remembered Digital Media Project Spotlight

TRG is constantly producing all types of multimedia for our clients. On any given day in the studio you can find us working on a wide range of projects, including computer generated room setsfantastical composite images, and anything in-between. Digital Media is a relatively new specialty (don't know what we mean by Digital Media?) but we have already done quite a few exciting Digital Media projects. We worked on a great one recently with Things Remembered that we'd love to share.

Video and Photography for Things Remembered

Our good friends at Things Remembered reached out to us with a fantastic idea for some images they planned on putting all over social media. They wanted something a bit more engaging than static images and had great ideas and concepts for some GIFs, Cinemagraphs, and Stop Motion images. This was an exciting project for us to take part in and we wanted to really push the boundaries of what types of images we could provide.

The first step for us was to do some research into what the social media sites would allow on their sites when it came to animated images. Were there length requirements? Could we upload GIFs or did they need to be videos? Does the social media site control how many times the image loops or is that something we handle in the file creation? We spent some time researching the limitations we had and then formulated a plan that would allow us to create the coolest images possible within those limitations.

What We Did For Them

We started out by working with a stylist to come up with the design and details of the sets that we wanted to create. We worked on what props, what products, and what animations we would capture. Working with the client and stylist to come up with these concepts was an exceptionally fun part of the process.

Once we had finalized the planning of what we were shooting, we began the painstaking process of making it happen little by little. Take a shot, move everything a small amount, take a shot, move everything a small amount, over and over and over. Don't bump any of the parts of the set that weren't supposed to move. Don't bump the camera. Put all the images together and see if we like it. No? Start again.

Once everything was shot, our retouchers did the heavy lifting to make sure every frame was retouched and looked exactly the same. The colors couldn't change, the product couldn't move too quickly or too slowly, and we had to add in the engravings on the product on each frame as well. Once everything was done, it was just as important to make sure the files weren't too large to upload and weren't too long to be allowed on the intended sites. We had to creatively find ways to slim down the animation lengths without letting the concept or imagery suffer.

Providing Measurable Results

Overall we spent about 160 hours on the nine animations and they very quickly became the talk of the studio. Everyone had an opinion of something to do or a different technique to try and the collaboration between everyone is really what drove these images to become as great as they did. The images performed exceptionally well for our client on social media and we have done several additional Digital Media projects with Things Remembered based off the success they have experienced with them.

Check out the results for yourself and let us know what you think! Do you have a great idea or a need for a cool Digital Media project? Contact us!