The Benefits of a Co-Op Set for Your Photo or Video Project

When you want to showcase a specific product or service, a custom set can give you the perfect scene for your photos or videos. Of course, a custom set requires several pieces to achieve the exact look you want for your shoot.

While your company can certainly invest in a custom-built set on its own, it can be advantageous to cooperate with other business and work together for a more cost-effective solution. Co-op sets allow multiple companies to work together and achieve the same goal – high-quality photos or videos shot on a custom set that’s designed to showcase their products.

What is a Co-Op Photo or Video Project?

Co-op projects allow you to have the advantages of a custom set with notable discounts. This is possible because you share your custom set with other companies in exchange for certain assets. For example, you may partner with a lighting company on a co-op set built out to look like a high-end home kitchen. The partner will provide attractive hanging light fixtures and other related assets free of charge. The set builders can now use these assets as part of the custom set instead of having to source outside materials or products, which drops the total price of your set. In exchange for providing these assets for free, partner companies can also use the custom-built set to showcase their products as well – with some limitations.

The possibilities for co-op partners greatly vary. You can turn to a sister company so that both parties can enjoy the benefits of a custom set. We can also identify potential partners from previous customers and strategic relationships. Either way, you can work with a single co-op partner or several different entities to build out your set with provided assets. In turn, you can save thousands to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the scope of your custom set and the amount of co-op partners.


How Does the Co-Op Process Work?

A co-op custom set starts with your needs first. As the driver of the project, a co-op custom set is built around your specific needs and desired aesthetic – everyone else is a secondary partner. Once we determine what it will take to create the perfect scene for your project, it’s time to find the right co-op partners for your set.

As mentioned before, you may know some potential partners that would be a natural fit to provide certain assets. Sister companies or organizations affiliated with your business can help you keep custom photo and video shoots in the proverbial family. However, there are many other potential ways to find co-op partners as well. TRG has built relationships with an extensive number of clients and creative partners and can identify potential non-competitors that work with your overall aesthetic and timelines.

It’s also important to note that while co-op partners will be able to use your set for their own photoshoots, you maintain control. You get the right to the first photoshoot and get to set release dates so that your assets hit the open market before everyone else. TRG can even hold the images or videos to protect release dates in case any partner wants to try and use them before you’re ready.

Enjoy Custom Solutions at Lower Prices with Co-Op Sets

A little cooperation can go a long way toward lowering custom set costs. Not only can TRG help facilitate co-op projects, we offer the experience, services, and set warehouse necessary to build the right scene for your project and handle all your multimedia needs in house. Contact us today to start a conversation about how we can help you find the right solution for your project.