Emily Germann
Photo Retoucher

So, in high school, I had a vague inclination towards photography and fine art. I found myself taking a two-year career tech photography class, and liked it so much I continued my photo education through college. There, I became intrigued with the works of photographers such as Jerry Uelsmann, Maggie Taylor, and Robert and Shana Parkeharrison; all famous for their work with photo manipulation and compositing. I then began experimenting on my own with photo manipulation in the darkroom. When I transitioned to digital photography, I just continued compositing inside the computer. It seemed like a more natural fit for me than shooting, I felt I had more control and creative freedom within that medium. After schooling, I started freelance retouching for TRG. Since then, I’ve been surrounded by some remarkable folks with huge brains, and have learned very much from them.

Fun Fact

Cat Mom. Mad baking skillz. Picture painter.

Favorite Cleveland Hangout


Favorite Project You've Worked On

One image that was a particular delight for me to work on was the cover for the Things Remembered Spring 2015 Wedding Catalog. It featured a kaleidoscope of butterflies swirling around two champagne flutes. The photographer had taken many, many shots of cellophane butterfly props at different angles. I then got to composite them all into a whimsical swarm. I added transparencies, blurs, and iridescent blues and purples to their teensy wings in order to achieve the look the client wanted. As a whole, this project was especially challenging and fun. Also, I have a fondness for butterfly creatures.