Martin Reuben
CEO & Photographer

A favorite uncle with an interest in photography gave me a camera about the time I was entering high school.  Almost immediately it became nearly an obsession, with no particular subject more interesting than any other – I just loved shooting and making prints in my darkroom (A small bathroom with black tape around the door). 

People may not believe it now, but I was a shy person then and photography was my way of communicating with others.  Getting involved with the high school newspaper and yearbook forced me to open up in learning how to speak and share with others.  You might say that photography chose and molded me, not so much as I chose photography. I started TRG to emulate the first photographer that I worked for in Cleveland - he gave superb service that supplemented his craftsmanship.  I worked at two other studios after that but realized that successful commercial photography is about the shared experience with clients.  Forming this studio was the best way to do that.

I founded the studio in 1983, always believing that client service and art are equal partners. One of the first to adopt digital technology for both shooting and image processing, TRG was also one of the first studios to enter the world of CGI for truly photographic looking CG image creation. I have always maintained that we are responsible for all aspects of the image, from creation through final color control. From the very start, TRG has maintained the image and accurate color standards for all its clients.

Fun Fact

Motorcycle rider. Started Erie Island Coffee Co.

Favorite Cleveland Hangout

There really aren’t any specific hotspots that I visit regularly - there’s so much variety here that it’s always easy to try something new. Also, the best hotspots for me aren't hotspots at all. It's the places that take advantage of our north coast location and to be able to get to the lake, national parks, and even other close-by cities.

Favorite Project You've Worked On

There is a pressure and tendency in this business to treat what we do as a matter of life and death, but in the long run it has nothing to do with what really matters.  Photographing the cancer survivors for Flashes of Hope is truly a privilege and serves as the reminder that health and happiness is all that’s truly important.