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Quiz: Photography or Computer Generated Imagery?

Can You Tell The Difference?

This 10-question quiz will put your detective skills to the test! Choose for each image if you think it is CGI or photography, then see your results at the end. The answers may surprise you. 

Before you begin:

CGI means most or all of the image was made composed with computer generated techniques. Photography means that there was no CGI involved, but other photo editing may have taken place.


Delta Silver Faucet


Gun Insider Details


Geometric Lighting over Gray Background with Vases


Silver Toyota Camry


White Kitchen Corner with Lighting and Cabinetry


Red Honda Crashed into Roof


Gray and White Bathtub with Silver Faucet


Forged Silver Golf Club


Wood Floor Conference Room with Rolling Chairs


Red Stroller with Seatbelts

Lets see how well you did: 

  1. CGI
  2. CGI
  3. Photography
  4. CGI
  5. Photography
  6. Photography 
  7. CGI
  8. CGI
  9. Photography 
  10. CGI

Learn more about CGI and commercial photography

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