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We Created a CG Room of Our CG Room!

TRG Reality’s CG department has done it again. In one of our most recent and super fun projects, Mike has created a 1:1 rendering of our own CG office. You may recall our blog on Oculus and the latest trend of using the game-centered technology to manipulate and enter into any CG world. The main idea of our project was to offer a tour of the CG office space via Oculus for that true 3D CGI experience; however, we have created a version that doesn’t need the Oculus Headset - so you can take a look at what we’ve done on your computer monitor.  Everything in the rendered room has been scaled to the exact size it needs to be in order to ensure the viewer feels as though they are walking around the real TRG office. 

It took about a month to develop the room with two weeks spent creating the photo-realistic lighting, a week to model all of the objects in the room (which is a lot), and another week to texture everything. Since then we have been playing around with the customization options. We discovered quite a few quick and easy alterations that could be made to the room, such as changing the curtains, wallpaper, and flooring with a few simple mouse scrolls and keyboard clicks. We are also working on swapping out geometry to modify the ceiling, changing it from an industrial look, to a drop ceiling, to track lighting, etc.  

Perhaps what’s most stunning about this virtual room is that the items and finishes in the space never lose their texture, even when zoomed in extremely closely. It’s truly the minutiae of the room that make this computer generated space feel so real: the sunlight streaming in from the window, to the color-matched Post-it notes stuck to monitors, and the glow of the EXIT sign above the door. The attention to detail is truly remarkable. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Download the program and check it out for yourself.  Please note there are some controls that enable you to walk around and change the scenery a little bit.

To quit the program

Windows - ALT F4

Mac - OPTION F4 or Force Quit



A-Strafe Left


D-Strafe Right



E-Cycle Through Curtain Material

F-Change Floor From Original Concrete To Hardwood

[Space Bar] Does the Following:

1st Time = Original Wallpaper

2nd Time = Pinstripe Wallpaper

3rd Time = Pinstripe Color Mode

     -Mouse Scroll Wheel Changes Color

     -Holding Right Click Saturates Color

     -Holding Left Click Desaturates Color

4th Time = Original Color Mode

     -Mouse Scroll Wheel Changes Color

     -Holding Right Click Saturates Color

     -Holding Left Click Desaturates color

5th Time = Original Color Animation

     -Wall Color Changes over time

     -Holding Right Click Saturates Color

     -Holding Left Click Desaturates Color

To download the program for Windows - click here!

To download the program for Mac - click here!

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