TRG's Video Production Moving Picture Shows

We don’t just create still images, but video too. Once we’ve created something, we are the masters at making it come to life. It can be a fanciful illustration or a technical demonstration, whatever you need! It’s a great way to stretch the client’s dollar by making the most out of all the resources at our disposal.

TRG Reality: Flack Steel

This was a great opportunity bring life to an industry that is typically thought of as old and stuffy. One of the biggest recruiting hurdles that Flack Steel had was that recent college graduates would have a preconceived notion of what the steel industry was and wouldn't even bother investigating for possible career opportunities. Flack Steel is absolutely nothing like those preconceived notions. We really tried to show how fresh and exciting Flack is by A) showcasing their beautiful downtown Cleveland loft space with huge windows and mounted flat screens and B) getting heartfelt testimonials from the people who know Flack best. The final video really accomplished exactly what we were hoping for. 

TRG Reality: Ben Venue

A great trade show loop that was designed to be exciting, very graphic and informative. We all had bunny suits on shooting in this clean laboratory while showcasing their cutting edge lab gear and technology. A very fun shoot and a great result!

TRG Reality: University Park Alliance

The University Park Alliance is a non-profit development group dedicated to forward movement in the transformation of a 50-block area around the University of Akron. Through out the video you'll see animations of where they hope to create these new buildings around campus.

This video combined all of the capabilities that we utilize here at the studio including video, editing, motion graphics, and animated computer generated images. Due to the timeline on this project, many of these processes were going on simultaneously between our departments. 

Our extensive helicopter footage was constantly challenged by our inclement Spring weather in Cleveland, forcing us to shoot only days before the video was presented at UPA's Annual Luncheon. The video was received warmly by a group of 700 people, including former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Henry Cisneros.