Faber Castell Video Project Spotlight

When a client asks you to shoot 10 videos and needs finals in about a week, you can do one of two things:

  1. You can say it's not possible
  2. You can power up the ol' coffee machine and get to work

Try and guess which route we went when our good friends at Faber Castell came to us with that exact request. This was one of those video production projects where the only way to get it done on time was if the team came together and performed flawlessly - which is exactly what happened. We'd love to share it with you.

Creative Video Production on a Deadline

Faber Castell is one of the world's largest and oldest manufacturers of pens, pencils, office supplies, art supplies, high-end writing instruments, and luxury leather goods. They came to us with a need for some instructional how-to videos for 10 different art products that were new for Spring 2016. The purpose of the videos was to show visual step-by-step instructions that would teach kids how to do different art projects. These videos would be used on the Faber Castell website and at trade shows.

Needless to say, we quickly got to work with such a tight turn-around. There was no doubt that this video project needed to be completely figured out in pre-production and that we would need to meticulously plan every detail to pull this job off so quickly.

Step-by-step Video Production

The first task was to figure out what steps we could show for each product. We went through the products one by one and determined what the steps were. We had a set built and cast talent all at the same time. We knew this would be a linear shoot (shot in order rather than jumping around) so the steps would essentially be a script and shot list.

The biggest concern we had was the time it would take us to set up the products for each "stage" of completion. If we had to do that on set it would eat up very valuable shooting time. We were fortunate that our clients at Faber had the products put together for each stage and delivered them to the set. It was a complete lifesaver for such a quick deadline on a project.

The turnaround time was so quick that everyone had to be on the same page with what we were delivering - and what the videos should entail. To accomplish this, both our pre-production and shooting were extensive and meticulous. We needed to shoot only what we knew we needed so the editor could put it together without digging through hours of footage. We found the music, created the graphics, and cut the footage together. Because everyone was on the same page from the very beginning, there was little back and forth and changes. This was essential for getting the project done on time and was the direct result of our extensive pre-production.

Fast Video Results for Faber Castell

We started shooting on a Monday and had delivered 10 final videos by the following Tuesday. The clients were thrilled, we were thrilled (and exhausted), and we have since done a few more projects with our good friends at Faber Castell. It once again shows how important pre-production is to a video project, and how the success of a job is determined long before you turn on a camera.

Check out the videos below and contact us today if you have a similar video project idea that you are thinking of doing!