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Geometry Global | AAPEX Project Spotlight

We have said time and time again that we are obsessed with amazing imagery. It's not just a tagline we tell people; we have a building full of people crazy for amazing images. When we get a call from a client with a very unique or interesting concept for images, it sets the studio abuzz with excitement. We want to share a recent project with you that did just that.

Our good friends at Geometry Global contacted us with a really cool concept for one of their clients. The concept was mixing elements of car repair and car parts with a doctor in surgery and a studio engineer in a recording studio. The concept was pretty flushed out by the time it came to us and the clients knew exactly what they were looking for, so we immediately got to work putting the shoot together.

Piecing Together a Project Through Pre-Production

This project was a little heavy on the pre-production side because we needed to find a very specific type of car, a recording studio, as well as talent for both shots. We started looking online for the car that we needed that we could use for a day. We scoured Craigslist, Facebook Groups, and made calls to dealerships all across the area.

We also had to work on finding a location for the recording studio. We made calls to all the recording studios we knew of in the area and had lined up a few for shooting on several different days.

We also had to find talent that had distinct eyes (client request) since only his eyes would be seen in one shot - and his eyes could really enhance the overall feeling of the shot. We reached out to the modeling agencies and started this search as well.

All of the pre-production searches came together almost at once when the talent, car, and locations all were found and given the green light by the client on the same day.

There were a few hiccups throughout this project, but we try and plan for the unexpected hiccups because they do happen from time to time. The recording studio we hired was forced to back out at the last minute and the type of car needed was switched to a Dodge Challenger. As a direct result of our producer's experience and our procedural backups, the hiccups were not an issue and were (thankfully) resolved pretty quickly. We found a new car and had a backup studio ready for the shoot.

On the day of the shoot, we had a half day in studio and a half day on location. While we were shooting on location in the recording studio, we had a crew prepping the set in-studio. We wanted to make sure we could get the whole shoot completed in one day, thus saving the client the cost of adding a second day. By utilizing two crews setting up on location and in-studio the client only pays for one day of shooting. Score!

Once all the pre-production work was completed the images were shot, composited, retouched and approved by the client relatively quickly. Take a look at the final shots below and feel free to scroll through the gallery to see all the moves we made in retouching from start to finish.

Do you have an really cool idea for an photograph, video, or CGI render that we would love? Contact us today!

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