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Plants Can Play a Critical Role in Designing and Styling Your Photo or Video Shoot

Visitors to the TRG Studio frequently comment on the lush green plants that populate our entrance and lounge areas. What they probably don't notice on their repeat visits is that none of these plants seem to stay in the same place for very long. No, they aren't self-ambulatory like Audrey 2 in Little Shop of Horrors. It's our incredible team of designers and stylists who constantly move these plants around as they use them on-set for shoots. 


Plants frequently play a vital role in a stylist's vision to create stunning environments and bring their designs literally to life. 


Plants can be used in a wide variety of roles when completing a room's look. A plant can contribute to the design through its color, size, or placement and can help convey a mood, season, or style. 


The plant's color can draw the eye to an element in the room or complement the palette. Plants of different heights add layers of depth and can help a design look more natural and less rigidly perfect. 

The organic curves of a plant can create a point of interest in an otherwise very linear design. When designing a room with something like a bookshelf or a credenza, the addition of trailing plants, such as a maidenhair fern or string of pearls, will help soften the look and make the surface more visually attractive.

Office with dark shelves

Certain plants can also strengthen a room's intended design style. For example, a space meant to capture elements of the mid-century modern movement may use snake plants, cacti, succulents, or other things you may find in the Palm Springs desert. 

Living room with dark green wall

Cut florals not only add color to a room but also a sense of luxury. Whether it's a simple flower in a vase or a complex arrangement, flowers can raise the elegance of a space. In the room below, cut orchids were used to play off the colors of the chairs and the painting. The clean and minimal look of the orchids enhances the room's aesthetic of a French apartment. 

Pink chairs in dining room

Plants can also be used to convey a season. Tulips may be used for a spring shoot or dried plants or leaves for fall. In the image below, you can see that the placement of the sprig of evergreen transforms the scene. This is no longer just any cocktail. This is a cocktail intended for a warm holiday gathering. 

Bar setup with dark blue wall

Like any design element, there are current trends for what plants are "in." Since we are design leaders, our stylists are on top of what plants are popular and cool right now. (That's right, a plant can be cool!) Dried pampas grass is a recent favorite. The almost feathery texture of these plants adds a unique flair to any room.

Frequently plants are a necessary element to achieve the color palette in a room. In the vignette below, the pop of green and yellow add visual interest against the neutral tone of the walls. These color elements also create a line to draw the eye.

Dark furniture in bright hallway

Every element to a composition is given thoughtful consideration during a shoot at TRG, and plants are no exception . They can be a floral focal point or a supporting element, but whatever role they play, you can be assured that someone from our design team has made an artful decision.


Contact us today if you are looking for a multimedia studio with a world-class design team to work on your next major photo or video project.

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