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Seven Different Types of Photoshoots (Updated 2022)

Once you've decided that your company needs professional photography services, it's time to decide what type of type of shoot your company needs. TRG Multimedia provides clients with a myriad of different kinds of photoshoots to help them get the imagery they need. We won't touch on every type of photoshoot in this post, but here is a rundown of seven types of product-oriented photoshoots that will help you make everything from headshots to recipes look good.


1. Product Shoots

Holiday blenders

Do you need a high quality shot of your products? A product shoot gives you an outline shot of your products on a white background. This means that you receive a clean shot of your product that you can use for online purposes, print ads, trade shows, and any other instance that requires someone to see your product. These shoots require:

  • One photographer

  • No stylist


2. Product Environment Shoots

Checkered and green kitchen

A product environment shoot is similar to a normal product shoot, except that we swap out the white background for a related environment. Let's say that your company makes blenders. You want a product shoot, but instead of a white background, you want to present your line of blenders in a kitchen so that people can see it in a familiar environment. A product environment shoot creates that look with a constructed set or location so that your products shine in the environment you want. These shoots require: 

  • Generally one photographer and one assistant

  • Set construction costs or location fees

  • Set stylist / styling assistant


3. Product Usage Shoots

Women entering credit card info

A product usage shoot is a great way to get some action shots of your products. Whether you prefer a white background or a full-formed environment, a product usage shoot results in high quality images of some very happy people in the process of using your products. This interaction will give your audience a friendly face to go along with your product for your marketing materials. These shoots require:

  • One photographer and one assistant

  • Possible design and construction costs or location fees

  • Possible makeup stylist

  • Possible set stylist

  • Possible talent fees if professional talent is needed

  • Possible craft services


4. Lifestyle Shoots

Gold, black and white bathroom

A lifestyle shoot helps you capture everyday life events and emotions in a series of images. Whether it's a shoot of a touching moment in the kitchen or a family party in the backyard, this shoot can be done with or without a product so that you can show happy people that benefit from your company's services. These shoots require:

  • Generally one photographer and one assistant

  • Location fee or construction costs

  • Talent fees for professional talent

  • Hair / makeup stylist

  • Set stylist

  • Craft services


5. Room Sets and Location Room Sets

Pink chairs in dining room

Room sets involve a specific room that will compliment a specific product. These rooms may be built from scratch with specific floor plans or surfaces, or they can be done at a preexisting location. These shoots require:

  • One photographer and one assistant

  • Design and construction costs

  • Set stylist

  • Possible additional location fees(i.e. permits, rental vehicles or equipment)

  • Possible craft services


6. Portrait Shoots

Person sitting with folded legs

Sometimes you or someone in your business is the product. In-studio portraits feature a studio lighting setup that can efficiently accommodate many people. Location portraits are similar to regular shoots, except that we bring the shoot to a specific location. Editorial portraits are shots of someone while they're working in their own environment, such as a painter in a studio or a lawyer in a courtroom. These shoots require:

  • One photographer and one assistant

  • Possible hair / makeup stylist


7. Recipe Shoots

Food spread on table

Recipe shoots allow your audience to see what's cooking. Food photography allows you to place your recipes in the best light possible, providing quality imagery that will make your customers' mouths water. TRG can provide recipe shoots in our studio, on location, or with a specific environment. These shoots require:

  • One photographer

  • Food stylist and assistant

  • Possible design and construction costs or location fees (for environment shoots)

  • Possible craft services


Professional Photography Services

Whether you need one of the photo shoots listed above or a different kind of photography service, the professionals at TRG Multimedia can help. As a premier multimedia company able to work with national and international clients we can give you the quality you deserve with every shot. Check out our photography portfolio to see our work for yourself and contact us about your photography needs today.

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