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TRG Photography Project Spotlight

A few weeks back we had one of those great days that reminded us of our childhoods. You know, the one where you get all dressed up, leave your desk, wait in line with your friends, step in front of the camera, smile, and hope you look alright. That's right - it was PICTURE DAY!

We knew for quite a while that we wanted a page on the site that had pictures of the team, so we went about trying to come up with cool ideas for what they could be. We discussed many options from videos to Cinemagraphs or GIFs but ultimately we decided that we wanted to go with regular ol' pretty photos.

Our Senior Photographer, Thomas, came up with the lighting and the idea to have the splash of blue in every photo. Our Marketing & Operations Manager/Former Retoucher Craig retouched the images lightly (since we are all so beautiful there was very little retouching needed).

Feel free to go check out our awesome Team Page to see the final retouched images OR look below to check out the amazing outtakes! If you ever want some equally awesome portraits done for your office, contact us today about our Cleveland photography services.

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