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QUIZ: CGI or Photography (Take a Close Look!)

CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) is an amazing tool that can produce photorealistic images that fool the most trained eye. Take this visual quiz and ask yourself if the image is CGI or a photo. The answer key is at the bottom.

Before you begin:

CGI means most or all of the image was made composed with computer generated techniques. Photography means that there was no CGI involved, but other photo editing may have taken place.


Can you tell the difference?

Blue bedroom dresser

Image #1

Gray and silver bathroom

Image #2

Bourbon glass

Image #3


Image #4

Image #5

Medical device

Image #6

Dark bedroom

Image #7

Image #8

Black and white kitchen

Image #9

Golden faucet

Image #10

Answer Key:

  1. CGI

  2. Photo

  3. Photo

  4. CGI

  5. Photo

  6. CGI

  7. CGI

  8. CGI

  9. Photo

  10. Photo

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