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Why Use Digital Media in Your Marketing Strategy

You want people to pay attention to your messages, but there's a lot of noise on social media. You're not just competing with other businesses and organizations on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms ― you're also fighting against everyday users. That’s where digital media can give your marketing efforts an edge when it comes to social media.

Different types of digital media to use in marketing include:

  • Time lapse

  • Cinemagraph

  • Animated GIF

  • Freeze time

  • 360-degree videos

  • Stop motion

Here's why you should consider the use of digital media in your marketing efforts.

Digital Media Offers a Cost-Effective Solution for Your Budget

Beautiful photography is great, but sometimes you need something more to attract the short attention span of someone scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. Digital media adds an element of motion to a static image without having the same level of work and commitment as a full video. This way, businesses can attract attention on social media without quite as large of a budget.

Digital Media Can Increase Social Media Engagement

Visual content is more engaging to your customers than just text. In fact, visual content gets about double the total views of content without any images or videos attached. That’s likely why 80 percent of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing.

However, a news feed full of photos can make it hard for individual content to stick out. That's where digital media services can help. Digital media like animated GIFs or cinemagraphs add a moving element to your posts that can draw in potential customers and get them to remember your message long after they scroll away. If they really like it, they might even share it with their friends and followers.

Digital Media Can Be Combined with Other Multimedia Services

If you're interested in digital media, it can be valuable to add it to a current campaign. Digital media services can be combined with other multimedia campaigns, so you don't have to book another shoot just for digital media. This way, you can add value by fitting both of your print and social imagery campaigns into a one-day shoot. For example, if you’re shooting a product for a print piece, you could also shoot some movement layers to create an animated GIF for your social campaign at the same time, which saves you time and money.

Digital Media Allows for Personalization

It’s important for brands to speak directly to their audiences on social media. Personalization is key. With digital media, you can tailor these time lapse videos, animated GIFs, or any other type of media to your particular message that will resonate best with your customers.

Digital Media Services

Need help turning your concepts and ideas into fleshed-out multimedia projects that can engage users and attract attention? TRG Multimedia is a Cleveland, Ohio, multimedia production company that helps businesses best leverage their social media channels through digital media. In addition to our digital media services, TRG offers comprehensive video, photography, and CGI services to take your marketing efforts to new heights. Contact us today to talk to our team about creating digital media for social media.



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