TRG Reality: 2013 Year in Review: "365 Days of Reality"

Happy New Year from our TRG Reality family to yours! We wish you the absolute best in the coming year. First, though, let's reminisce over the past year.

It’s been an eventful 365 days for us, there’s no doubt. Not only have we welcomed several new clients onboard, but also expanded our render farm capabilities, and our building. Our very own Adam Wilde morphed into a celebrity almost overnight with his appearance as Sweeney Todd in promotional images for Great Lakes Theater. And among our favorite achievements of 2013, we found love in George’s Doughnuts in Twinsburg, OH. Overall, it was a great year. 112 location shoots, 42 video shoots, 242 studio shoots, 195 CGI projects, 5 new TRGers, and 15 pounds of coffee later, it’s 2014.

Check out our recap of 2013 and join in the excitement for a new year!

Image of construction at TRG Reality. 
Image of new clients for TRG Reality. 
Image of TRG Render Farm Capabilities 
Image of George's dougnuts 
Image of TRG Reality's social presence. 
TRG Reality's Adam Wilde in Sweeney Todd Promo images. 
Image of TRG Reality's Thanksgiving. 
Image of TRG Reality's first annual Halloween Party.