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Why Discussing a Multimedia Solution is More Helpful to You Than Simply Asking for an Estimate

You've decided that it's time to start a new multimedia project. That's great! Whether you have a need for professional photography, CGI, digital video production, or retouching, you'll need to choose the right multimedia studio for your company. Of course, that decision will require some in-depth conversations to help these studios create a solution that best suits your needs.

Eventually, you will need to receive and approve an estimate in order to get your project off the ground. However, it is the discussions we have prior to creating the estimate that will ultimately shape and change your project to be exactly what you need at the most efficient cost possible. There are many factors that impact the shape of a project, so it’s important for a studio to identify as much information as possible. That means it’s important to have an open, honest discussion about the following:

  • Scope

  • Strategy/messaging

  • Budget

  • Timeline


When it comes to the scope of your project, we want to identify exactly what it is that you're attempting to do. Once we have a good idea of the scope of your project, other details will start falling into place.

For example, let's assume that you need a photoshoot. There are different types of photoshoots and various questions that apply to each of those shoots. Do you need product shots or lifestyle shots? How many angles do you want from your shoot? Would you be interested in expanding your assets through video? Do you need these shots on a white background or will your products ever appear on a different color? These are just a few of the questions we use to identify the scope of your project. It may seem like a lot, but the answers to these questions will help uncover exactly what you need for your project so that we can plan around your specific needs.

A better understanding of the scope of your project can also open up new possibilities. You may think you need a lifestyle photoshoot, but we may realize after a few inquiries that there are opportunities to add product shots and video along with your lifestyle shoot without drastically increasing the price. With enough information, we can identify strategic advantages that will help you accomplish your goals within your budget or to start a conversation around the realistic costs associated with the scope of your project.

Strategy and Messaging

Figuring out the how's and why's behind your project is an extremely important step toward shaping your project. During our initial conversation, we're going to ask about the strategy and messaging behind your project so that we have a greater understanding of exactly what your project needs to accomplish.

A good multimedia partner is more than just a tactician. Some studios may simply ask what you want them to do and then just do what you ask. A true strategic partner wants to know the why behind your project in order to create assets tailored toward your goals. That means asking about your end game. Who is your audience? What is your objective? What have you tried in the past that has or has not worked and why? The answers to these questions have a drastic impact on a project, which can affect the bottom line.

We'll also ask how you'll measure the success of your campaign. If your project isn't meeting your objectives, then it isn't making sense. However, there are many ways to measure the value of a project, whether it's a specific call to action that drives users to a website or an awareness campaign that helps your audience relate to your products. Every project is an investment to help your business succeed, so we'll ask about your measurement strategy so that we can plan your project around your goals to help ensure that the final assets justify your investment.


During our conversation, we're going to talk about your budget. This isn't to try and make sure you spend every penny of your budget; it's to ensure that we can provide the best solution to fit your budget right from the start.

Every project is like a puzzle. The solution we provide is made up of many pieces that create the total cost of your project. It's important to know your project budget to in order to ensure that the project stays within scope and within budget.

Once we have a budget, we can start to understand which pieces are best for your solution. This may include things such talent, voice over, music, location, shot angles, retouching needs, animations, and more. For example, you may need talent for a photoshoot or a video, but high-end talent may make you go over budget. In this case, we can have a conversation with you about more affordable talent options. With enough budgetary details, we can design creative around your budget and deliver a realistic estimate that gives you what you need at a price point you can handle.


Even after we figure out the scope, strategy, and general budget of your project, there's still one more important question that we need to address: What's the deadline?

In the world we live in, we understand that all projects are tied to deadlines! Some projects have very tight deadlines while others have more wiggle room. Establishing a deadline up front is an important part of determining solutions for a project. Even after initial conversation, the project timeline remains an important part of the communication process so that you get what you need, when you need it, and within the estimate provided.

Let’s Talk About Your Next Multimedia Project

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for projects. In-depth conversations play an important part in helping a studio figure out a plan of action and deliver an estimate that addresses all your needs. Our process at TRG enables us to get the information we need to give you an accurate estimate for your project. This, combined with quality of work, is key to building relationships that last.

Are you in need of professional photography, video, television production, CGI, or retouching? Contact us today so that we can start a conversation about how we can create a solution that's right for your product.

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