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Two people embracing

What Does it Cost to Produce a Photography Project?

Several factors impact the price of commercial photography services. Find out what affects your estimate and how it impacts your project.

Virtual Tradeshow

6 Visual Assets That Can Improve Your Virtual Trade Shows

Stunning assets can create an immersive, realistic experience for virtual trade shows. Read about five visual assets that can enhance your virtual booth.

Roll of money on a fish hook

10 Ways to Save on Your Commercial Photography Project Budget

Photography project costs can grow if you’re not careful. Here are some money-saving tips to keep in mind for your next commercial photography project.

Puppy eating dog food in the kitchen

Three Memorable Projects: Photo Retouching

Every photo retouching project is a new puzzle to solve. TRG’s Emily Germann shares three particularly memorable projects that she helped piece together.

Phone capturing kitchen setup

Script vs. Outline: Which is Better for My Video Project?

The original draft for video projects can come in all shapes and sizes. Find out how your initial script or outline impacts your business' video.

Airplane and car on the runway

What Does it Cost to Produce a Video?

Every video project has a different story. Find out what it takes to put together your videos and how these factors impact the cost of your project.

Door handle and lock broken down in pieces

Six Pros of Using CGI for Your Business

Sometimes CGI is just what your business needs. Here are six ways that CGI services can be beneficial for your organization.

Blue chairs dining room set white carpet

The Pre-production Process for Room Sets

A lot of information is required to get your scene prepared for your photo or video shoot. Learn what it takes to get your set ready for production.

Bakery workers

Why Your Business' Video Should Focus on Story, Not Sales

A good story can help you make your products memorable. Learn how story can help your audience remember you long past the end of your business’ video.

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