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The CGI Process: From Concept to Render

It takes several steps to take an initial concept and turn it into a fully rendered CGI image or animation. Find out what it takes to create CGI assets.

Project Spotlight: Using CGI to Turn Moen’s Online Product Showcase into a Virtual Reality

Project Spotlight: Using CGI to Turn Moen’s Online Product Showcase into a Virtual Reality

Moen wanted to create a stunning, digital showcase for both CES and KBIS. Learn how TRG delivered impressive virtual, CGI showcases on a tight deadline.

Entry Wide

Design That Tells A Story

Designing a space that looks and feels authentic is a critical part of the work done by our Art Directors and Stylists. Whether working on a physical set for a commercial photo or video shoot or a virtual one for a CGI project, TRG’s designers approach the task of creating each environment by imagining a story about the people who would inhabit it.

Single Chair on Carpet with Painting, Vase, and Bookcase

What Is Post-Production for Photography and Video?

Post-production is the end of a creative journey for commercial photos and videos. Find out what it takes to turn raw assets into finished visuals.

Porch Freesia Overall Day

There's a Science Behind Good Design

Like most things in life, there is a bit of science behind good design. The art directors and set stylists at TRG apply fundamental rules of composition to every project. Following these principles with a keen artistic eye ensures that an image will be visually pleasing.

Interiors Living Room

Props to the Design Team

A set would just be a few boring walls if it weren't for the props. Think about your favorite room in your home and the big and little pieces you've added to it over time. It's these elements that make an empty room into a welcoming space.

Food spread on table

Seven Different Types of Photoshoots (Updated 2022)

Different photoshoots help you capture everything from products to recipes. Learn more about these seven different types of photo shoots from TRG.

Dark bedroom

QUIZ: CGI or Photography (Take a Close Look!)

CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) is an amazing tool that can produce photorealistic images that fool the most trained eye. Take this visual quiz and ask yourself if the image is CGI or a photo.

Pink chairs in dining room

Plants Can Play a Critical Role in Designing and Styling Your Photo or Video Shoot

Plants frequently play a vital role in a stylist's vision to create stunning environments and bring their designs literally to life.

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