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3 Key Ingredients to Make Your Video Shoot a Success

3 Key Ingredients to Make Your Video Shoot a Success

Video production requires planning, adaptability, and structure. Learn how to prepare for a video shoot.

Person standing in garden

Our 5 Favorite Composite Projects

Projects that consist of heavy compositing are often our favorite projects in the studio, for several reasons.

Mona Lisa abstract

Mona Lisa Spec Composite Project Spotlight

From time to time TRG is asked to do spec images for our clients that they then use to try and get approval for a job. Whether we pass on jobs like these or accept them depends on many factors. These projects are usually pretty basic proof of concepts, but sometimes they are more than that. We'd like to share a project with you that we did recently that was particularly notable.

Aflac duck helping person in suit to lift weights

Five Ways Composite Imagery Can Bring Your Imagination to Life

Compositing can turn ideas into realistic imagery. Learn about five creative ideas that turned into real compositing projects.

Silver faucet with food on cutting board and green background

Seven Different Types of Photoshoots

Different photo shoots help you capture everything from products to recipes. Learn more about these seven different types of photo shoots from TRG.

Burger and Chips

TRG Gets You More Food For the Same Price! [Case Study]

The Challenge:

Clients are always looking to improve their ROI, so TRG wanted to see if they could provide more imagery to clients by utilizing our time in a more efficient manner. The catch? We need to do this without increasing our costs, therefore keeping the cost to the client the same.

CGI Livingroom Design

What You Need to Know About TRG's CGI Process

TRG Reality creates high-quality CGI for organizations in Cleveland and around the nation. Learn about TRG’s CGI process today.

Bedroom Set Outdoors

The Perfect Set: Finding, Building, or Imagining Using CGI Services

For a photographer, the world in which your subject lives is as important as the subject itself. When shooting a product for an advertiser, you must decide how to present the product, and in what type of environment. Where a product is set establishes a mood for the viewer whether on a conscious our subconscious level.

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