TRG Reality Special Edition: We're Crashing the Super Bowl!

Members of the crew here at TRG Reality produced a Doritos commercial that could possibly air during this year’s Super Bowl XLIV on February 7, 2010. Once the judges narrow it down to six finalists, they’ll open it to a public vote, which is where we’ll need everyone’s support! (Of course we are completely convinced that it will be in the top six.) Our good friend and Art Director Gary Pilla Jr. presented us his idea for the :30 spot, dubbed Rose Colored Doritos, and we were thrilled to produce it.

Written by Mark Thompson and directed by Adam Wilde of TRG Reality, we set out to make an ad chock- full of Doritos, humor, and one uber-hot girl. Post Production and special effects work was completed by Thom, Dave and Rich at Garage Studios Creative. Shot at Tremont Place Lofts here in Cleveland, looking through Doritos glasses makes everything in AJ’s hum-drum post college apartment look like top of the line toys that every man dreams of having. (It takes a minute to load, but it’s worth it. We promise!)

Check it out, leave a comment, pass it along, and we’ll hopefully be asking for your votes in the near future! Check out some behind-the-scenes shots and the video below.