5 Reasons Your E-Commerce Site Needs to Utilize 360 Rotations

360 rotations are not new - they've been around for quite awhile.  The odds are good that you have seen them on many e-commerce sites and you fully understand what they are and what they do.

What you may not realize is how effective 360 rotations can be, especially when your goals are having customers spend more time on your site, increase sales of your product, or increase customer satisfaction.

5 Reasons Your E-Commerce Site Needs to Utilize 360 Rotations.

1. Most Helpful - According to Adobe's What Shoppers Want Study 91% of responders stated that 360 Rotations were "Most Useful".

2. Better Experience - The Shopping Experience has always been important to consumers, but online shopping, while much more convenient, usually pales in comparison to brick and mortar shopping experiences. A 360 rotation gives the consumer more control over what they want to see and allows them to investigate the product in more detail than if you only allow them to see the angle you have chosen.

3. Fewer Returns - A 360 rotation gives the consumer a much better visual understanding of the product and has shown to decrease returns and customers dissatisfied with a product that was not what they were expecting.

4. Increased Conversions - A recent study done by Internet Retailer Magazine shows when 360 rotations are implemented in eCommerce sites it leads to increased conversion rates by about 13%.

5. Increased Time Spent on Site - The ability to view the products from any direction and zoom in on the products leads consumers to spend more time overall on your site - which generally leads to higher conversion rates.

Do you utilize 360s on your site? Do they work for you? Let us know in the comments below.