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Case Study: SummaCare

“I have worked with TRG for over 20 years on more projects than I can remember. During that time, they've never let me down and have always exceeded my expectations. I can count on their professionalism and attention to detail on every project. The quality of their work is exceptional, and our clients have always been thrilled with the end-result." 

Randy Godding – President & CEO Knox Marketing 

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Image Compositing 101: How to Apply the Awesome Sauce

Chances are you’ve seen composited images hundreds of times without even realizing it. Ever see an image of a squirrel sitting on top of a cereal box? Or a woman in front of the Eiffel Tower sipping tea?  It’s likely that a photographer was not so fortunate to get a squirrel to agree to sit in just the right position atop the box. It’s also likely that there wasn’t the budget available to actually shoot in Paris. These are the types of situation where compositing a photo makes perfect sense.

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How We Did It: Reddaway Trucking

Recently, we showed a breakdown of how we composited an image for Great Lakes Theatre - and it was so cool, we decided to do it all again.  This time it's an exceptional image we did with Whitespace Creative and Reddaway Trucking.  We shot some photos of the box, clothes, and accessories and got some stock images to make up the rest.  We actually did a whole series of these types of images that you should definitely check out here.

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