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Case Study: Smith's Ice Cream

"We’ve always trusted the quality of work that TRG delivers on photography projects. We were looking for something unique with this packaging project to capture our vision for the brand position, which is ‘Tradition that you can taste.’ There are some packages that you’ll see where the food doesn’t feel very natural, where it seems forced, fake, or artificial. We didn’t want the SMITH's ice cream to be made from fondant or mashed potatoes or anything; we wanted the real ice cream. We wanted to capture it with that little bit of melt or drip to give it this appetite appeal and we knew that we could trust TRG to deliver on that."

Jeff Monter, Principal of Creative Services at Innis Maggiore Group, Inc

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5 Situations Where You Shouldn't Skimp on Retouching and Refinement

As a former retoucher I generally see the need for every single image to be retouched to some degree. There are so many subtle things that can be done to improve the attractiveness of an image that it just seems silly to me to not take advantage of it. However, if you were to pin me down and list the five projects that need to be retouched no matter what, I'd give you the following examples.

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TRG's Favorite Cleveland Eats

At TRG Reality, we love to eat, but we’re pretty particular when it comes to where we dine. Whether it’s catering lunches for our clients, celebrating a special occasion, or just ordering in lunch, we always like to hit up our favorite local fare. As a Cleveland-based company, we feel it is our duty to patronize our fellow neighborhood businesses, which isn’t hard to do when there are so many outstanding restaurants all around us. Here are all of our preferred picks to eat a meal, grab a snack, sip a coffee, indulge our sweet tooth, and knock back a few cold ones.

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Food Week at TRG Reality

In the last few days here at the TRG Reality studio we’ve had a few delicious photo shoots here for Nestle Foods, and top-of-the-line range manufacturer BlueStar. Nestle brought with them their top chefs and a bevy of dishes that we got to nosh on all day long, while BlueStar sent us beautiful ranges that we all wished we could put in our kitchens.

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