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Why My Meetings Sucked

Have you ever been a part of a project that you were really excited about and couldn't wait to start working on? One of those projects where, during the initial meetings, you just couldn't wait to see what the final product was going to look like? One of those things where you wish you could hop in a time machine and skip a year into the future just to see how it all turns out?

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One Year @ TRG

As a teacher by trade, I love everything about the learning process. In fact, I often find myself missing being the student, which is why writing for TRG Reality this past year has been a truly wonderful, eye-opening experience. When Adam and Craig approached me about writing a piece on all that I’ve learned since I started back in March of 2014, I eagerly accepted. In no particular order, here are 10 things I learned after commuting for 34 weeks, composing 32 blogs posts, drafting 4 newsletters, and editing 2 pieces for this “picture-perfect” company.

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Virtual Reality Part II: Augmented vs. Full-Immersion

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about virtual reality via mediums such as Oculus and Morpheus. In that blog, we focused on how this not-so-new immersion technology was making a huge comeback, impacting several industries in the near future, such as home improvement, gaming, and medicine. But what you may not be aware of is that there is a different kind of “reality” out there – augmented reality – and just like it’s full-immersion cousin, the artistry behind this technology is right up TRG’s alley. 

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Big Brother is Watching...and So Are We

Cameras: they’re everywhere. This Orwellian realization can be a little unsettling if you think about it, but for all of the negative, there is some positive. For starters, the accessibility of cameras is unprecedented. Most people carry cameras around with them all day via their cell phones, mp3 players, tablets, etc. Anything at any given time can be (and is) documented on these convenient compact cameras. The impact cameras make on our everyday life is truly mind-boggling. 

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Virtual Reality: It's Not Just For Gaming

When you hear the term “virtual reality,” the first thing that most likely pops into your head is a 90s flashback to clunky looking headgear and terrible graphics. But in 2015, virtual reality has come a very long way, peaking the curiosity and interest of several different companies, including those outside of the gaming and electronics world. So what has this to do with photography? Everything. TRG Reality has been listening to the chatter and watching the development of VR hardware and the burgeoning VR industry, such as Oculus and Morpheus, for some time now, and we know that it’s a short matter of time before we are using this technology in the studio. How, do you ask? We’re so glad you did.

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What the TRG Team is Wishing for This Holiday

No matter which annual holiday you celebrate, most people consider this the time of year for giving. With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to ask the TRG team a question. The premise was simple: if money were no object, and it had to be work-related, what would you want? The answers I received ranged from very reasonable to expensive, to crazy-expensive and just plain crazy, with a bit of overlap in-between. And there was a clear winner as to what gift most people would like. 

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A Conundrum among Colleagues: What Makes a Great Image?

As a photography/digital imaging studio, we are obviously going to have our fair share of opinions on what makes an image truly great, but what may surprise you is how varying those opinions can be. I sat down with David from retouching; Mandy, one of our project managers; Derrick from CG; and Craig, our Marketing Specialist to discuss that elusive question. 

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Gizmodo and the Future of CGI: Did They Get it Right?

At the end of August, the popular technology blog Gizmodo posted an article titled “Why IKEA’s Mostly Computer Generated Catalog Will Soon Be the Norm,” which you can check out here. In summation, the piece cites the Swedish furniture and home décor giant as making the transition to a mostly (and soon to be all) CGI product catalog. The blog highlights the cost effectiveness and relative ease of modifying on a computer, as well as underlining how CG techniques have come a long way. Quite often people can’t even tell the difference between what is real and what is rendered, which is exactly what companies like IKEA are aiming for. Needless to say, this article caught our attention – we even posted it to our Facebook page. After reading the piece, we naturally had our own reactions regarding this growing trend.

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Mirrorless Cameras vs. DSLRs: TRG Reality Weighs In

Boy, did this Gizmodo article set off the debate of the century at the TRG Reality studio the other day. The author of the article, Michael Hession, believes that mirrorless cameras (like the Fujifilm X-Pro1 or the Sony RX1) will be replacing DSLR cameras in the future. He says, “This is about a turning point in photography, and the relegation of one of its most popular formats [DSLR] into a purely niche product for pros.”

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