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CGI #throwbackproject

The first project I ever worked on (which remains one of my favorites to this day) was a room-set animation project for a new client that TRG had just started a relationship with. The project was for an international company that makes Interior Mouldings and Doors and they had some pretty cool concepts and ideas, however, I don’t think anyone on the team knew exactly what to expect when the project launched. I certainly didn’t see it being as beautiful or fun as it turned out to be.

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Help Your Clients See the Final Product with Visualization Exercises

Why is visualization so important in the photography industry? Because one of the biggest hurdles we encounter is trying to explain an idea to a client and have them see, or visualize, exactly what we're describing, whether it's a specific shot that supports a campaign, the overall concept of a campaign, or the small details that reside within a photograph that make the shot moody or exciting. There are many tools to support concepts, but rarely is a client able to see what the final image will look like three weeks before the shoot.

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