The Future is Now!

Happy Back to the Future Day!

For any red blooded american, today is a momentous day. Decades ago, we watched Marty and Doc travel 30 years into the future from the year 1985 to October 21st, 2015...TODAY! For decades we have been anxiously waiting for hoverboards, flying cars, and self lacing shoes to become the norm and while you may be thinking the movie was completely wrong in their predictions of the future - when you actually think about it they weren't that far off. In honor of many people's favorite movie - we at TRG will suspend the blog being about our outstanding team and amazing services, in order to bring you a blog that has nothing to do with our business, a comparison of which 2015 is better.

Back to the Future 2015 vs. The Real 2015


Image of a hover board 

Ok this is the big one. Everyone wants a hoverboard and while we were promised that every little kid would be riding their hoverboards around town, this has not happened.  There are a few options out there but in reality, none of them are nearly as cool. We have landed a man on the moon but yet we cant figure out a way to get skateboards to hover off the ground a little bit? Unacceptable. You win this round fake 2015.


We may not have 3D Billboard Holograms but we do have Holograms of famous musicians performing a concert.  In my opinion, real 2015 wins this round, especially if I could see a Hologram Beatles concert at some point.  Or get a hologram version of myself to go to work so I can take a day trip to some type of Cheesebarn or cheese museum or something involving me eating cheese.

Self Adjusting Clothing/Power Laces 

As any adult in their 30s or 40s will attest, your clothes start getting tighter and tighter for some unknown reason as you get older. Rather than having to unbuckle your skinny jeans after eating a large pizza, I would prefer my clothes to loosen a little bit without me even knowing. Then - I wouldn't have to feel uncomfortable after eating a large pizza, well except for the blinding stomach pains and acid reflux. Point goes to Fake 2015.

Mr. Fusion 

There is no denying that turning household waste to energy would be the most significant technological advancement our society has ever seen. Unfortunately we are nowhere near this reality (even though Lockheed Martin says we're only a few years away). I look forward to the day where "gassing" up my car just involves me throwing the dinner my kids refused to eat into the tank, but until that day the point goes to fake 2015.

Flying Cars 

We don't have flying cars, sure, but after commuting to work every day for over a decade and seeing how well everyone drives, this is absolutely for the best. Pretty soon we will be riding in self driving cars, which are probably way more safe, way more practical, and, quite frankly, makes going out to the bar way more exciting when I legit have a 24 hour a day sober driver. Point goes to real 2015.

Jaws 19

While they really nailed the fact that Hollywood is constantly recycling old ideas - no one is truly looking for 19 Jaws movies. While I want to give the point to real 2015, we have to deal with like 7 Transformer movies so the point goes to no one.

Video Calls 

Anyone who has used the plethora of video chat programs knows how great this technology is. You haven't really lived until you get a FaceTime request from your children while you are in the bathroom. Real and Fake 2015 both get a point!

Dehydrated Pizza

While it's really cool that you can put a tiny little pizza in an oven and there's a fresh regular sized pizza only moments later, lets be honest, they would taste like garbage and most of the time I would lay around in my sweatpants eating pre-dehydrated pizzas like crackers. Point goes to real 2015.

Litter Bugs

In the movies, people are totally fine with throwing their garbage right into the street because society has created this entire infrastructure to create and maintain robotic trashcans that will move to the location of your litter and clean it up. While this may seem amazing, how about we just don't throw our garbage wherever we please like civilized human beings. Walk the extra 10 feet and throw your burrito wrapper in the garbage can because you're not an animal. Real 2015 with the point.

Multi-Channel Video Screen

Having huge TVs really lends itself to being able to watch multiple channels at once. The main difference between the movie and the real 2015 is we have NFL RedZone where I can watch a whole bunch of football games at the same time and I don't think ANY of the tv screens in the movie had football on. The point clearly goes to the real 2015.

Huey Lewis and the News

Huey Lewis and the News are gods no matter what reality you live in. Everyone gets a point!

For anyone keeping track of the fake points that don't mean anything - The real 2015 won! (Cue celebration song on Spotify - something we have that the fake 2015 didn't have at all.) Now stop everything you're doing and go watch the entire Back to the Future Trilogy because it's important and today is a national holiday probably.

What technologies were in the movie that we missed? Let us know in the comments below! Extra points for any Giggawat related puns.

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