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Mirrorless Cameras vs. DSLRs: TRG Reality Weighs In

Boy, did this Gizmodo article set off the debate of the century at the TRG Reality studio the other day. The author of the article, Michael Hession, believes that mirrorless cameras (like the Fujifilm X-Pro1 or the Sony RX1) will be replacing DSLR cameras in the future. He says, “This is about a turning point in photography, and the relegation of one of its most popular formats [DSLR] into a purely niche product for pros.”

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What is HDR Photography?

Let’s start by defining the acronym “HDR.” HDR stands for high dynamic range and is the process of using software to combine multiple photographic exposures into a single image. These different exposures consist of the same exact photo, but each is taken at a different shutter speed with the intent of over- and under-exposing the image. By combining multiple exposures that have tone in all highlight, mid-tone and shadow areas, the photographer is able to create an image that has a greater contrast range, or dynamic range, than the camera is capable of capturing in a single photograph.

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