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Why My Meetings Sucked

Have you ever been a part of a project that you were really excited about and couldn't wait to start working on? One of those projects where, during the initial meetings, you just couldn't wait to see what the final product was going to look like? One of those things where you wish you could hop in a time machine and skip a year into the future just to see how it all turns out?

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10 Reasons to Start Instagramming Today!

Here at TRG, we are obsessed with images, so it just makes sense that we would fall in love with Instagram. And we are definitely not alone.  Whether you are a small business, large corporation, or just a regular Joe who is the Ansel Adams of the iPhone - Instagram is the perfect mix of fun social media experience as well as a platform for engaging marketing imagery.  Here are some of the stats about Instagram that should convince you of its enormous potential - based on 2014 data from the Pew Research Center

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