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If you read our blog last year, you know that Derrick Nau (CGI Specialist here at TRG) is heavily involved with SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group for GRAPHics and interactivity).  This year Derrick was the Posters Chair (Something we went into great detail about in last years blog) for SIGGRAPH which took place August 9th - 13th in Los Angeles, CA. As soon as he returned from his week hanging out with the "who's who" of CG and VFX I was able to sit down with him and have a little chat about what he saw, what he learned, and most importantly what Pixar was up to (everyone loves Pixar).

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We Created a CG Room of Our CG Room!

TRG Reality’s CG department has done it again. In one of our most recent and super fun projects, Mike has created a 1:1 rendering of our own CG office. You may recall our blog on Oculus and the latest trend of using the game-centered technology to manipulate and enter into any CG world. The main idea of our project was to offer a tour of the CG office space via Oculus for that true 3D CGI experience; however, we have created a version that doesn’t need the Oculus Headset - so you can take a look at what we’ve done on your computer monitor.  Everything in the rendered room has been scaled to the exact size it needs to be in order to ensure the viewer feels as though they are walking around the real TRG office. 

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Virtual Reality Part II: Augmented vs. Full-Immersion

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about virtual reality via mediums such as Oculus and Morpheus. In that blog, we focused on how this not-so-new immersion technology was making a huge comeback, impacting several industries in the near future, such as home improvement, gaming, and medicine. But what you may not be aware of is that there is a different kind of “reality” out there – augmented reality – and just like it’s full-immersion cousin, the artistry behind this technology is right up TRG’s alley. 

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Virtual Reality: It's Not Just For Gaming

When you hear the term “virtual reality,” the first thing that most likely pops into your head is a 90s flashback to clunky looking headgear and terrible graphics. But in 2015, virtual reality has come a very long way, peaking the curiosity and interest of several different companies, including those outside of the gaming and electronics world. So what has this to do with photography? Everything. TRG Reality has been listening to the chatter and watching the development of VR hardware and the burgeoning VR industry, such as Oculus and Morpheus, for some time now, and we know that it’s a short matter of time before we are using this technology in the studio. How, do you ask? We’re so glad you did.

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SIGGRAPH with TRG Reality's Derrick Nau

Anybody who’s anybody in the world of CGI has heard of SIGGRAPH – Special Interest Group for GRAPHics and interactivity – the professional organization and annual conference dedicated to all things CGI. Our very own Derrick Nau not only attended this renowned event in early August, but he also serves as the Posters Chair for the 2015 conference in Los Angeles. We had a chance to pick his brain after he attended this year’s conference so we could get the inside scoop as to what is up and coming in the world of CGI.

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