TRG Reality Pulls Off Complex Ad Illustration [Case Study]

“I knew TRG had done a terrific job with the Cowboy Crate ad when I showed the Reddaway team the final photography and they had no words. Only smiles.”

Art Director, WhiteSpace Creative

Case Study: Despite Setbacks, TRG Reality Pulls Off Complex Ad Illustration

The Client:

WhiteSpace Creative is a marketing agency that has experienced approximately 25% growth annually over the past decade. WhiteSpace’s client, Reddaway Trucking, is a shipping industry leader, providing transportation and delivery services throughout the Pacific Northwest. They’ll even ship door-to-door in Hawaii!

The Results:

The Cowboy Crate, a very realistic illustration of a shipping palette dressed up as a cowboy in a desert environment, created with stock photo pieces and studio photographs. The Cowboy Crate illustration was created as an advertisement to be placed in various trade publications and displayed on Reddaway trucks.

The Challenges:

The TRG Reality team had worked successfully with WhiteSpace’s art director on several projects in the past. He came to TRG for the Cowboy Crate project because he knew TRG had the ability to pull off such a complex shot.

However, before the Cowboy Crate ad was completed, the art director left WhiteSpace. Even with the change in personnel on the creative end, the TRG team and the new WhiteSpace art director, Derek Stulpin, were able to achieve the client’s vision.

Making such a complex ad look realistic was also a challenge. Perspective and lighting direction were major concerns, in addition to obtaining approval for ten different (!) stock photo elements. TRG Reality knew they needed to capture each of the individual pieces correctly the first time around to ensure the process went as smoothly as possible and the final product looked great.

How TRG Reality Helped:

Although the TRG team initially decided on a reddish brown color scheme to enhance the Western theme, they eventually realized that a more colorful, dynamic look worked better.

It was easy for the TRG team to engage with Derek and inform him of the strategies and practices that led to terrific results with the previous ads. Working well with the new art director was a crucial part of the project’s success, and TRG was able to make sure the relationship was corroborative and seamless. Fortunately, Derek was involved in the original sketch and was very open-minded, providing excellent art direction throughout the process.

TRG Reality’s ability to roll with the punches, make adjustments mid-project and work together as a well-oiled machine truly helped make the Cowboy Crate ad project a success. The TRG team’s skill level and flawless execution undoubtedly played a huge role in the ad’s success as well.

What would you say to others considering TRG Reality?

“I came up with an idea, told the folks at TRG Reality, and before we even had our first meeting they had already discussed exactly how to make my idea come alive. The TRG Reality team was very collaborative and fun, and that idea I sketched out initially? That’s exactly the ad they produced.”

TRG Reality Composite Imagery and Retouching for Reddaway Trucking. 
TRG Reality Composite Imagery and Retouching for Reddaway Trucking. 
TRG Reality Composite Imagery and Retouching for Reddaway Trucking.