TRG Reality & Innis Maggiore [Case Study]

“Their CGI? OMG! The best around! In fact, we just won an ADDY® Award for one of the images they magically developed.”

Jeff Monter
Principal Creative Services, Innis Maggiore

The Client:

Innis Maggiore is one of the fastest growing advertising agencies in Ohio and ranked in the top 10% of the nation’s American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA). Founded in 1974, Innis Maggiore focuses on providing positioning strategy for its clients. The agency is committed to advertising with integrity and sound judgment; Innis Maggiore will not accept projects that are detrimental to society.

The Results:

  • Numerous remarkable campaign images of car accidents and wrecks - without damaging any cars - for use on custom automobile billboards

  • An ADDY® Award; the ADDY Awards is the largest advertising contest in the world, receiving over 50,000 submissions each year

The Challenges:

A small budget, time constraints and the complicated subject matter made this project especially tough for the TRG Reality team. Innis Maggiore requested specific cars for the shoots, which added another curve ball. Luckily, TRG Reality and the client have a fantastic relationship based on trust, communication and a mutual aversion to micromanagement.

How TRG Reality Helped:

The TRG Reality team met with their clients at Innis Maggiore several times to plan every detail and discuss variables before the project was underway, which allowed TRG Reality to obtain a complete picture of their freedoms, limitations and resource allocation.

The photographers and retouchers worked side-by-side throughout the entire project, discussing items like lighting, angles, drop-ins, illustrations and final visions, which ensured each individual piece was completed correctly the first go round.

After TRG Reality delivered the first image, the client was extremely satisfied and relinquished control of the project, boosting the TRG Reality team’s confidence in their work and allowing them the freedom necessary to do the best job possible.

Jeff, what would you say to others considering TRG Reality?

“The staff members at TRG Reality are the ultimate professionals. From their excellent customer service to their top-notch photographic quality, they always exceed our expectations. They made us feel like we were their most important client.”

Image of TRG Realuty and Innis Maggiore collaboration. 
Image of TRG Realuty and Innis Maggiore collaboration. 
Image of TRG Realuty and Innis Maggiore collaboration.